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Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Makes A Loud Noise

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Makes A Loud Noise

Have you ever heard a loud noise come from your heat pump after you switch it off? We know it made you anxious and made you assume there was a problem with your unit. We did extensive investigation to find solutions since we want to assist you with this issue.

Your heat pump will likely make noises at various times while it is operating. This is apparent when the system shuts down, when a lot of activity takes place. So everything is fine right now.

If you’d want a more thorough explanation of this situation, continue reading. This could help provide the answers to some of your other queries. Therefore, let’s get into the specifics!

What Causes The Loud Noise My Heat Pump Makes When It Turns Off?

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Makes A Loud Noise

As soon as the appliance is turned off, the pressures in the refrigerant start to equalize. For a little while, it makes specific noises from the heat pump. Also, there’s a chance you can hear a back-pedaling sound if you switch off the compressor’s exterior unit.

While these noises should be okay, your heat pump can make a few additional noises during the cutoff process that could indicate a problem.

Why Does My Indoor Heat Pump Sound So Loud?

If you hear a sound like someone slamming a door in your duct vents, your heat pump is malfunctioning. The following are potential causes of your heat pump’s loud noise:

  1. The grille was struck by an air filter.
    You can experience this issue if the return vents are located in the ceiling. The filter “drops” from where it was pulled up against the top of the duct box when the unit is turned off, which is how you can tell. This scenario is abnormal, indicating that your filter is either overly strict or clogged with dirt and debris.

If the filter becomes too dirty, check the MERV rating and replace it. It is necessary.

Keep in mind that if the ducts are too small, the filter will be drawn into the vents. In this case, your only choice is to replace the ducting.

  1. The size of the ducts is alternatingly growing and shrinking.
    Sheet metal ducts are significantly impacted by changes in temperature and pressure, which causes them to expand and contract. This won’t happen, though, if the ducts are large enough and built to handle the airflow across the system.
  2. There’s a fan problem.
    It’s possible for the blower wheel to contact the heat pump. The mounts of the fan will most likely grow less stable, though. If this happens, the fan will slow down and hit the unit. The best course of action in this case is to contact an HVAC expert for assistance.

How Come My Outdoor Heat Pump Is So Loud?

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Makes A Loud Noise

If something sounds like it has struck the wall while you are outside, one of the following is probably the cause:

  1. Damage has been done to the compressor’s spring.
    The many components that make up a compressor are enclosed and responsible for pumping refrigerant to and from the indoor unit.

The springs retain the great majority of the compressor’s components, including the pump that pumps the refrigerant. These supports, however, are prone to degradation or even total failure.

When the heat pump turns off, the compressor’s internal components lose motion and collide

with the housing. And if that’s the case, replacing the complete compressor will be quite expensive.

The presence of noise does not always mean that a component is about to fail. Therefore, if you can, you might choose to ignore it.

  1. The system is being hit by the fan.
    The blades of the outdoor fan might likewise move similarly. The fan will collide with other components of the appliance after the heat pump stops operating.

Only a few bolts might need to be adjusted. However, if the issue is more serious, you might need to completely replace the fan.

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Makes A Loud Noise

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