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Quick And Easy Steps To Reset A Kenmore Air Conditioner’s Filter

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset A Kenmore Air Conditioner's Filter

A new air conditioner will typically operate without incident. You may have seen the filter reset label light up specifically if you have a Kenmore air conditioner. How is the filter reset?

It’s time to clean the filter if the filter reset label on your Kenmore air conditioner illuminates. How to do it:

  • Inside your Kenmore air conditioner, find the filter.
  • Rinse the filter carefully with water and soap.
  • Allow the filter to totally dry out.
  • Reinstall it in your air conditioner once it has dried.
  • The light should turn off after three seconds of pressing and holding the reset button.

There are further specifics to go over. Where, for instance, is the air filter on a Kenmore air conditioner? Additionally, the design will determine how to remove it. These are a few of the subjects we will discuss later.

In Which Part Of A Kenmore Air Conditioner Is The Filter Located?

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset A Kenmore Air Conditioner's Filter

It could be challenging to carry out the preceding instructions if you have never worked with an air conditioner before. Since not all air conditioners are created equal. Some people will have access to filters in various ways.

But more importantly, locating it is the first step in beginning the cleansing procedure! This step is simple because the air filters on the most, if not all, Kenmore air conditioners are found in the front.

The left side of the air conditioner in the image above would be the front grille. Naturally, as this is not a Kenmore brand air conditioner, yours may differ slightly in appearance. The grille would therefore cover the bottom third of a Kenmore air conditioner.

When The Front Grille Is Removed
It will be a little frightening to take off the front grille. Additionally, if you’re doing this for the first time, you can feel as though you’re breaking something.

If it worries you, the front grille can usually be removed from most air conditioners in some manner. The front grille of the majority of air conditioners can typically be removed by tugging at the sides.

Alternatively, there will be tiny handles that you can use to pull the grille off if you discover that you can’t remove it by the sides. You’ll need to take two actions if it doesn’t work.

Find the Kenmore air conditioner’s model number first. The owner’s manual should then be located. You can learn how to remove the front cover by consulting the instructions. You won’t need to do that, though, in the majority of circumstances.

Taking Out The Filter
The filter can be easily removed once the cover has been removed. If there are any grips, simply pull on them. The filter in the aforementioned video example features a tiny handle in the centre to make it easier to pull out.

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset A Kenmore Air Conditioner's Filter

In some filters, it could even be located on the sides rather than in the top center.

However, if you have problems getting it out, you might be able to do it by tugging forward, followed by a pull upward. Now should be a good time to clean the filter.

How Can I Clean My Kenmore Air Conditioner’s Filter?

After taking the filter out of your Kenmore air conditioner, you can decide how to clean it. The first method for doing this is to rinse it in warm, soapy water, according to the user manual.

Use a moist rag instead of your hands to scrub your filter to get rid of any tenacious dirt or debris, though this isn’t always a smart idea if your filter is fragile.

When finished, carefully shake off any remaining water from the filter and allow it to completely dry. After that, you can put it back in the air conditioner.

Vacuuming the filter would be an alternative method of cleaning it. After that, put the filter back where it belongs. The cleaning phase of the reset process should be completed by this procedure.

When The Filter Reset Indicator Is Reset
In usually, a clean filter is the only required to turn off the filter reset light.

The only thing left to do is to push the label, which, depending on the model of your AC, may have a different appearance.

You need to push and hold the reset button for three seconds in order to get the light to turn off, according to Home X. There are a few ways to do this, including pressing and holding the indicator in order to try turning the light off.

How Long Do Filters For AC Units Last?

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset A Kenmore Air Conditioner's Filter

In principle, a Kenmore window air conditioner’s air filters ought to last as long as the unit itself. However, even the best among us have been known to forget to clean it.

You may need to acquire a replacement filter for your air conditioner if it’s too dirty to salvage in some circumstances.

To make this process simpler, you can purchase a replacement filter from Kenmore that will be marketed as the EOM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filter.hvac

Filters For A Kenmore Central Air Conditioner
We believe that if you have a Kenmore central air conditioner, the filter will endure for the same amount of time as the unit. As we said previously, you must take the filter off of your Kenmore air conditioner, clean it, and then reinstall it.

Of course, each AC filter will require somewhat different at-home maintenance, so if in doubt, consult the user handbook.

How Much Does Changing The AC Filter Cost?

In general, the model will determine how much it will cost to update or replace your filter. Everyone will varies significantly because this will normally cost $25 to $99 in total. It could be more difficult to obtain the precise filter your system needs for older Kenmore appliances, so it’s more economical to use one that is similar in size.

How Can I Determine What Size AC Filter I Require?

Measuring the measurements would be the simplest technique to determine the size of the AC filter you require.

Even so, this should only be a last choice. You might need to track down a filter that is around the same size as the one your system uses.

You can use this information to determine the precise filter your AC uses because, as we previously discussed, manufacturers often build filters for a single unit model.

Here is a brief overview of what you must do. It can be challenging to identify your unit’s model number. A label with all the manufacturer information can be found in four locations.

The cold air exhaust port should be your initial point of inspection. The cold air emerges from the front of the appliance. As an alternative, you can check the surrounding frame by removing the front grille. It may occasionally be hidden under the air filter.

If none of the previously indicated locations provide the label, check the sides of the air conditioner. Once you locate it, make a note of the entire model number.

With the model number in hand, you can access an online parts store. Searching for the air filter with the air conditioner model number will get the best results.


Making alterations to a machine like an air conditioner might be terrifying. This is especially true if you’re missing the owner’s manual! Fortunately, cleaning the filter and pressing the indicator button is all that is required to reset the filter on a Kenmore air conditioner. We really hope that the data above was useful to you!

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset A Kenmore Air Conditioner's Filter

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