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Quick And Easy Steps To Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater

Quick And Easy Steps To Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater

While you enjoy the warmth from a Duraflame electric heater, it offers a lifelike facsimile of actual flames. If the bulb in your heater burns out, replace it so that the flames will still be visible.

There are numerous Duraflame electric heater models, but all models share a similar process for changing the bulb. The actions to take are:

  • Shut off the heater.
  • Remove the access cover or panel by unscrewing it.
  • Change the damaged bulb.
  • Screw the panel back.
  • Re-plug the heater and then test the lightbulb.

Your Duraflame electric heater’s bulb may easily be changed. Learn how to replace it by reading on. Included are the typical causes of your heater’s lack of flame effect. We’ve also given explanations for why your heater keeps turning off. We’ve also covered how to reset your device.

Ways To Change The Light Bulb In Your Duraflame Electric Heater

Quick And Easy Steps To Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater

Although the Duraflame electric’s flame look is lovely to view, it disappears after the bulb burns out. You might find it useful to learn how to change the bulb if you don’t already know how. The steps of changing the bulb are as follows:

Shut Off The Heater
Turn off and unplug your heater before working on it to avoid any unwanted electric shocks. Before attempting to remove the bulb, let it cool if it’s still warm from usage.

Remove The Access Cover Or Panel By Unscrewing It
The heater’s back is typically where the bulbs are located. To access the bulb, you must remove the access cover or the back panel. Some units feature a little access cover, whilst other models need you to remove the complete rear panel.

Change The Damaged Lightbulb
The mirrors that produce the flame effect are situated close to the light bulb. To remove the lightbulb from its holder, turn it counterclockwise.

Take your replacement bulb, and tighten it by turning the screw counterclockwise. Don’t tighten the screw too much.

Screw The Panel Back
Take off the panel or access cover and secure it with screws once more.

Re-Plug The Heater Then Test The Lightbulb
Reconnect the heater’s power and turn it on after replacing the access cover. You can once more enjoy witnessing the flame effects if the bulb is functioning. Investigate and identify the problematic components if it still doesn’t work.

Why Is There No Flame On Your Duraflame Heater?

Quick And Easy Steps To Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater

If there are no flames on your Duraflame heater, there is a problem. The following are the primary causes of this:

Broken Bulb
The flame effect won’t appear if the heater’s bulb is burned out. The bulb’s broken filament is a clue that it has burned. Therefore, you’ll need to replace it.

Defective Flame Control Switch
The switch may be broken if you turn on the switch that manages the flames and nothing happens. An electrician can examine it and either replace or repair it.

Mistaken Rod
The flames are produced by a rotating rod that has mirrors attached to it. It can rotate because one end is connected to a motor and the other to bearings.

This rod may have seized if the heater is on but there are no flames. The rod may even make squeaky sounds as it tries to move. Call a professional, who will identify the issue and carry out the required fixes.

Motor Malfunction
The flame effect is created by the motor rotating the rod that rotates the mirrors. However, it’s recommended to examine the motor if you turn on the switch that controls the flames and the light turns on but the rod does not move.

The Causes of Your Flame Electric Heater’s Shutdown

Quick And Easy Steps To Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater

During the winter, your Duraflame electric heater, like the one pictured above, is your best buddy. Your heater keeps your house pleasant and warm, but occasionally it may have issues and cease functioning properly for the reasons listed below:

Inadequate Power Supply
Lack of power may prevent your heater from working. The socket’s switch might be turned off. Just turn it back on to get it going again.

Unplug your heater and plug it into another electrical outlet if the electricity is on but it still won’t work. If your heater still won’t turn on, the socket needs to be fixed. To inspect and maintain the socket, contact a technician.

Damaged Cord
Your heater is connected to the power source through the cord. Due to wear and tear, it may break or fray. Replace your cord right away if you notice something on it.

Because the interior wires may be exposed and result in an electric shock, such a cord is hazardous. If your heater still does not light up after changing the cord, the solution is likely in the sentence following this one.

Burned Fuse
Your heater is protected against overheating by a fuse. The fuse will melt if the current is too high, turning off your heater. Check the fuse by unplugging the heater and opening it. It should be replaced right away if it has burned or melted.

Defective Heating Element
The heat that you experience in a room is produced by the heating element. It may not adequately create warmth when it is broken. So, you must determine whether it is defective.

A vivid orange glow should emanate from the heating element. It has probably malfunctioned if it is only dimly lit or not glowing at all.

Additionally, you can unplug the heater and take the heating element out. This is an additional method to see if it is still functional. In order to test for resistance, use a multimeter. Use a probe to touch both ends. The heating element has to be replaced if it displays zero.

Error-Prone Shut-Off Sensors
If your Duraflame overheats, a power shut-off device will cut the electricity. This prevents the interior components from being harmed by the intense heat. Open it up and look inside to see what caused this.

The heater may shut off if the shut-off sensor sends the incorrect signal if it is malfunctioning. Cleaning the sensors is one technique to address this issue.

The system might potentially be turned off by a blocked vent. This stops air from entering the heater. Remove all impediments from the area around the vent to allow air to freely enter and exit your heater in order to avoid this.

Defective Circuit
The circuit will stop the extra current from going to your heater if it is overloaded. It serves to prevent harm to the interior components. Turn on the breaker if this is the circumstance. Replace the damaged breaker if necessary.

How To Reset An Electric Heater By Duraflame

You can first try resetting your heater if you turn it on but no heat comes out of it. Your device might be functioning normally. Turn off all the switches and unplug the heater to reset it. The heater should be plugged back in and turned on after waiting for five minutes.


In addition to heating your house, the Duraflame electric heater also creates a pleasing flame appearance. Changing the bulb usually fixes the issue when the flame is no longer visible.

However, there may be additional problems that need solving if the bulb hasn’t always burned out. It’s entirely possible that your heater is in perfect working order and only needs a fast reset.

Quick And Easy Steps To Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater

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