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Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Procom Heater

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Procom Heater

If you wish to clean your Procom heater, but are unsure how to go, read on. Fortunately, we did the work for you, and this is what you need to do,

If you want to clean your Procom heater, follow these instructions:

  • Switch Off The Heater
  • Sanitize The Exterior
  • Sanitize The Interior
  • Inspect The Blower And Gas Pipe
  • Reassemble And Dry All Detached Parts

A Procom heater requires routine cleaning to be maintained. The longevity is extended by this. To learn in-depth instructions on how to clean a Procom heater, continue reading.

Cleaning A Procom Heater

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Procom Heater

It’s crucial to understand how to properly clean your Procom heater. An instruction manual for cleaning a Procom heater is provided below:

1) Switch Off The Heater
It’s crucial to turn off your Procom heater before cleaning it. After waiting for around 30 minutes for it to cool, unplug it from the outlet. If you try to touch it before it has cooled down, you can get burned.

Additionally, the heater’s electrical components can still be carrying lingering charges that could shock you. Additionally, it is important to put on a face mask to protect yourself from the dust and debris that the filthy heater will be spewing forth.

Safety is important in whatever you do, thus this step is critical.

2) Sanitize The Exterior
Before cleaning the interior of your Procom heater, you should first clean the exterior.

The Procom heater’s shell is typically where dust and filth gather before entering the warmer itself. As a result, the exterior will have a large buildup of dirt and dust.

Dust that has accumulated on the surface has to be removed using a paper towel or a cloth.

It’s also a good idea to wash with soap and water. Toxic and flammable compounds that could be present in chemical items and later burn up when the heater is turned on should be avoided.

3) Sanitize The Interior
It’s time to disassemble the heater when you’ve finished cleaning the exterior. Before removing the casing, you might want to refer to the heater’s owner’s manual. You might require a screwdriver because the parts are frequently joined together by screws.

Clean everything with a vacuum after removing the case from your Procom heater. For easier access to tiny holes, use a tiny nozzle.

After that, use a damp towel or cloth to clean the interior. Avoid getting any of the internal parts wet, though, as it can take them several days to dry.

4) Inspect The Blower And Gas Pipe
Both propane and natural gas can be used to power the Procom heater. Therefore, it is crucial to check the pipe for any breaks that can allow toxic gases like propane or carbon monoxide to enter.

Small holes can be patched using foil tape, but corroded flues need to be rebuilt. Cleaning your heater is an opportunity to check the gas line and blower, as well as other components of the appliance.

You should also look for evidence of wear and looseness on the blower belt. A loose belt could make the blower operate less effectively. After inspection, if either portion is unclean, clean it.

5) Reassemble And Dry All Detached Parts
After you’ve completed cleaning the Procom heater’s interior, give it some time to dry. There’s a chance that mold will start to grow inside the heater if you put the casing back on before letting it dry. Any detached sections can be put back together once everything has dried.

I Have A Procom Heater; How Often Should I Clean It?

As a general rule, you ought to thoroughly clean your Procom heater no less than twice every year. This is done to make sure that your heating system keeps working efficiently and for a longer period of time.

Nevertheless, depending on elements like age, the number of occupants in your house, the presence of pets, and the level of dust in your surroundings, your heater can require cleaning more frequently.

How Long Can A Procom Heater Be Used?

The amount of time to keep your Procom heater running depends on personal preferences. However, it should not be on continually to conserve as much energy as feasible.

The Procom convection heater can heat up to 1,900 square feet, and one 20-pound gas tank will power it constantly for 11 hours.

Using a flexible temperature gauge, you may adjust the machine’s output to be between 40,000 and 80,000 BTUs, and it runs without electricity.

Can A Procom Heater Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Procom Heater

Yes, all gas heaters have the potential to release dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. This comprises space heaters, central heating systems, modern and classic heaters like the Procom heater, as well as aesthetic appliances like decorative log fires.

The combustion of a variety of fuels, such as oil, propane, and natural gas; using gas-powered equipment; and using a fireplace are all sources of carbon monoxide.

It puts people’s health and property at danger. If this gas has been inhaled, it is advised to acquire some fresh air as quickly as possible before calling a doctor.

Because the early warning indications of carbon monoxide poisoning are so similar to those of food poisoning, it is crucial to be aware of the risk.

Since carbon monoxide exposure is frequently overlooked, patients are frequently sent home with grave or even deadly consequences.

All gas heaters must have maintenance performed by a licensed or registered specialist with an endorsement to service Type A gas appliances at a minimum of once every two years.

An authorized gas fitter inspects the installation and looks for carbon monoxide leaks as part of the inspection.

How Durable Is A Procom Heater?

How frequently a Procom heater is used and maintained are only two of the many variables that affect how long it lasts.

A Procom heater, however, can last at least 15 to 20 years if it is well-maintained. Its lifespan can be increased to 30 years if annual maintenance is done and issues are fixed right away.

Procom Heater Efficiency

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Procom Heater

It is well known that Procom heaters are quite effective. However, burning hydrogen produces 9.6% of the world’s energy. This hydrogen turns into water vapor when it interacts with the atmosphere.

But water condensation is required in order to recover the heat.

The vapor from ventless heaters, such as Procom heaters, may begin to condense on various surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. This could result in rotting, and in certain circumstances, mold could start to grow.

The efficiency can be reduced to roughly 90.4% to avoid this When the reduction is done, the vapor won’t accumulate on those surfaces anymore.

A Procom heater can also introduce dangerous contaminants into a specific area. Sometimes the contaminants are hazardous or nontoxic, endangering human health.

The pollutants should be blended with air through an exhaust system when they exit the heater.

The impact of the pollutant depends on the size of the area and the surrounding population’s health.


A Procom heater should frequently be cleaned because it is a simple operation to complete. You must first turn off your heater before cleaning the exterior and interior components, checking the gas pipe and blower along the way. After that, you can allow the components to dry before reassembling them.

Remember to dry the pieces completely before reassembling them to prevent the growth of mold. A Procom heater’s cleaning provides an opportunity to check its parts for damage and get them repaired as soon as feasible.

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Procom Heater

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