How To Use A Cool Mist Humidifier By Bell & Howell That Changes In Color
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How To Use A Cool Mist Humidifier By Bell & Howell That Changes In Color

Do you want to utilize the Bell and Howell color-changing cool mist humidifier? Are you unsure about how it functions? You’re covered by us. We looked into how to operate the device correctly in order to assist you.

To use the Bell and Howell color-changing cool mist humidifier, follow these easy-to-remember steps:

  • Remove the filter, filter cap, and outer cover.
  • The tank should be filled with warm water.
  • Add your chosen oil or water-based fragrance.
  • Securely replace the components.
  • To turn the LED indication green, turn the knob in a clockwise direction.

The Bell and Howell color-changing cool mist humidifier is a great luxury item for the home or workplace. We shall talk about the device’s operating instructions in this article. We will also go over its benefits, flaws, solutions, maintenance, cleaning, and other issues. Learn how to completely appreciate its aesthetic and fragrant benefits by reading on.

What Is The Cool Mist Color Changing Humidifier From Bell And Howell?

How To Use A Cool Mist Humidifier By Bell & Howell That Changes In Color

This humidifier is shaped like a droplet and measures 13 inches high by 9 inches broad and deep. There is no battery involved. It functions using a 120-volt standard electrical outlet.

This four-pound device can run for at least 12 hours after each fillup and can carry a gallon of water. Unlike a warm mist humidifier, the cool mist option is more child-friendly when spills happen.

Unique Features

In addition to humidifying the air, the humidifier has several special capabilities.

  • Serves as a dim light lamp
  • based on a predetermined cycle, provides seven different LED color lighting options.
  • Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, orange, and peppermint are diffused in cans.
  • mist is released in a 360-degree circle.
  • procedure that is whisper quiet
  • Vapor flow is modified using a control knob.
  • while the working rate is at a modest flow, lasts up to 24 hours.

Customer Feedback

Owners discussed both their positive and negative experiences with this device.

  • provides a calming sensation when sleeping
  • adds more moisture to dry areas
  • allergies, a dry cough, and sinus issues are alleviated
  • functions as a nightlight
  • Simple to use
  • Includes easy-to-follow directions
  • While in use, silence
  • No mess or leakage when filling
  • has a couple units that leak
  • Broken things will not be refunded.
  • makes buzzing noises when starting up

How Do You Use a Color-Changing Cool Mist Humidifier from Bell And Howell?

How To Use A Cool Mist Humidifier By Bell & Howell That Changes In Color

Follow these instructions and safety warnings for the humidifier’s best performance and experience.

The following five Rs should be kept in mind if you wish to use the humidifier to improve the air quality in your space:

  1. Remove the filter, filter cap, and outer cover.
    To reach the water tank, unscrew coverings in the other direction. To remove the cap, flip the tank over. To prevent losing them, keep the filter, filter cap, and vapor nozzle together in one location.
  2. Put warm water in the tank to refuel it
    Ludicrously hot, filtered or distilled water should be poured into the basin. Avoid making needless motions once you’ve reached the proper water level to prevent spills.
  3. Release Your Favorite Water-Or-Oil-Based Scent
    Pull the scent diffusion tray out to activate the diffuser feature. Pour the scent until the diffusion sponge is completely submerged.
  4. Securely deliver the detached parts back.
    Reattach the previously removed components firmly. Similarly, sanitize the water puddles near the tank.
  5. the knob in a clockwise direction
    Before turning the control knob in a clockwise direction, plug in the appliance. It is switched on and prepared for use if the power indicator turns green. To display the lights in a variety of hues, press the LED switch. The colors are purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, in that order.

Safety Advice

Use the cool mist humidifier with these safety precautions in place to reduce health risks.

  • Use it only indoors.
  • Before transferring the device, unplug it.
  • Mix the oil or water-based essence with the water before filling.
  • Allot a minimum spacing of 6 inches from walls.
  • Lay the device out on a flat surface on a waterproof mat.
  • Make sure the wire is placed away from hot, moist, and crowded locations.
  • If you have a broken cord or plug, stay away from using it.
  • Keep obstructions away from the mist nozzle.
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  • Regularly clean the removable pieces.

How Can A Bell And Howell Humidifier Be Cleaned?

Eliminating bacteria and allergies from the Bell and Howell humidifier. Especially if you use it every day, you should sanitize it once a week.

Take apart the coverings before beginning. Use a cloth, cotton swabs, or a soft toothbrush to remove the mineral buildup in the oscillator and humidifier base. Rinse them and wipe away any remaining water.

For thorough cleaning, combine a cup of vinegar with distilled water and put it to the tank. After an hour of operation, rinse the device.

Use this strategy twice. The filter cap should then be soaked in vinegar. After that, completely air-dry the components.

How Long Do The Filters In Bell And Howell Humidifiers Last?

How To Use A Cool Mist Humidifier By Bell & Howell That Changes In Color

Even if you regularly clean, film or sediment might accumulate over time. The associated filter should be replaced after 500 hours of use, or six weeks of overnight use, according to the manufacturer.

The replacement filter will increase the effectiveness of the humidifier.

The main issues you could run into when using this humidifier are listed below, along with the corresponding fixes.

Lack Of Power
The power cord, like other electrical devices, is essential for the humidifier to operate.

As a result, if the device doesn’t switch on, make sure the plug is properly installed. Also inspect for any damaged or scratched pieces in the wiring. To eliminate the power source factor, plug the device into various outlets.

No Longer Working
If the aforementioned advice is ineffective, check the water level in the tank. If the level is low, add water. If not, check the unit’s and the control knob’s positions.

Vapor Flow Is Poor
When the humidifier is producing little or no vapor, check the oscillator for damage. This condition is exacerbated by the buildup of dust and water minerals.

Unwelcome Odor
Vapor that smells bad can arise from skipping the cleaning step. Make care to refill the water after each usage and to routinely clean the tank and oscillator.

Water Spillage
Water leaks from humidifiers might be caused by parts that are loose or in the wrong place. Before starting the unit, make sure all vital parts are tight. In addition, check to see that none of the parts are broken.

What Should You Use To Stop The Humidifier From Developing Mold?

Addressing the issue of mold growth inside the humidifier is also important. You can use some of the products we’ve gathered to stop it.

Water Cartridge
Regardless of the make and model of the humidifier, place a stick in the water bowl to provide anti-microbial treatment. The water is preserved for up to 90 days.

Mineral Cleaner
This liquid mineral cleaning is ideal for both warm and cool mist humidifiers because it contains organic salt and alcohol. It removes any mineral scale buildup, such as calcium and lime, around the water tank. The development of bacteria is aided by these deposits. Be aware that contact with this cleaning might cause irritation of the skin and eyes.

Sanitizing Ball
Adding one humidifier cleaning ball for every two gallons of water is an additional strategy for battling mould and bacteria that cause odors. The balls function as a water filtering system. It is safe to use for 30 days and won’t emit any toxic chemicals, but you should keep it out of children’s reach and carefully dispose of it.

Clear Vinegar
Vinegar prevents the growth of mold because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil are both safe, practical additions.

Can You Repair A Humidifier?

A malfunctioning humidifier can be fixed. Test the humidistat with a multimeter while the device is operating if the humidity is not rising.

Additionally, you may swap out a dirty filter pad with a clean one and faulty wiring for a fresh covering.

When Should I Change My Humidifier?

Humidifiers have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. Their state is impacted by maintenance and water quality. When your humidifier satisfies any of the following criteria, you should replace it:

  • unsuitable or worn out
  • frequent leaks and fractures
  • missed upkeep and cleaning
  • increased load in wide areas


Remove the necessary components from the Bell and Howell color-changing cool mist humidifier before using it, and then fill the tank with fresh water. After plugging the device in, turn the knob and tighten the relevant parts.

You ought should be able to fix any issues and clean the humidifier. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to breathe fresh, fragrant air every day and experience a sense of relaxation.

How To Use A Cool Mist Humidifier By Bell & Howell That Changes In Color

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