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How To Unlock A Heat Storm Heater

How To Unlock A Heat Storm Heater

Child Lock, a cutting-edge safety feature, locks the control panel of the Heat Storm heater. In this mode, you can’t use any of the other controls or features on your Heat Storm heater. You might be asking how to open the control panel quickly and conveniently.

The Heat Storm heater’s control panel or screen can be unlocked by simply doing the following:

  • For five seconds, hold down the power symbol on the Heat Storm heater.
  • After long pressing the power icon, a beep sound will be heard.
  • The red “Child Lock” indicator ought to go at this point.
  • To finish unlocking, long press the power icon a second time for five seconds.

NOTICE: Only the power icon on your Heat Storm heater can be used to unlock the control panel. The unlocking process cannot be done via the heater’s remote.

That was so simple, was it? We’ll go over the simple procedures for changing your thermal level in more detail. We also explain how to correctly clean the filter on your Heat Storm heater.

How Can I Connect My Heat Storm Heater To WiFi?

The Heat Storm heater is a top-notch device that enables Wi-Fi access from a phone. By selecting the “Child Lock” icon in the Smart Life app, you can also unlock the heater remotely using a smartphone.

On connect the app to the heater using Wi-Fi, you must first download the app to your phone from the Android or Apple app store. Keep in mind that a 2.4 GHz network is required to connect your heater to the internet.

As a result, if your network has two bands, you must create a 2.4 GHz network just for your heater and the Smart Life app.

The Heat Storm heater should now be connected to Wi-Fi after you’ve downloaded the app.

  • Checking your phone’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Open the app, select “Add Device,” then select “Small Home Appliances,” and finally select “Heater.”
  • After that, another form will appear; safely type the name and password for your network, then click “Confirm.”
  • There are two pairing modes that you can use to connect your heater to Wi-Fi.
  • Before long pressing the “Wi-Fi/Sun Icon” for five seconds, make sure the heater is turned ON or plugged in. A successful pairing should be indicated by a beep sound and a blue light that is blinking.
  • The second is to long press the red “Up Arrow” symbol for five seconds when the heater unit is plugged in but the switch is off. Following that, there should be a beep sound and a blue Wi-Fi light that is blinking.
  • Return to the app on your phone now and press to verify the “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” setting.
  • The pairing loading will launch the connecting process. When the loading is completely finished, give your heater a name and save it.

How Do I Select And Change The Heat Storm Heater Thermal Indicator?

The Heat Storm heater’s panel has a thermal indicator with a Celsius or Fahrenheit scale. The sort of thermal indicator you want to see on your heater’s screen can be chosen.

How to configure the thermal indicator display is as follows:

  • Go to the screen of your heater.
  • Look for the [+] and [-] symbols, then press both of them simultaneously.
  • To choose between a Celsius or Fahrenheit display, just tap.

NOTE: The heater’s screen is the only place where this setting will work; the remote control cannot be used to change it.

Adjusting Temperatures On The Heat Storm Thermostat

How To Unlock A Heat Storm Heater

Changing the thermostat’s thermal setting is one of the heater’s fundamental operations. Although setting its temperature right may seem apparent, doing so is crucial to the overall heating effect of your space. What is your process then?

Below are the methods to help you modify the heater’s temperature:

  • To put the system configuration into temperature mode, press [+] and [-] together once more.
  • Numbers will emerge right away and start blinking.
  • By pressing the [+] or [-] icon appropriately, the heater’s th will be changed by 19° F or 1° C.

Keep in mind that the Heat Storm heater’s thermal setting by default is 70° F, or 21° C. The system will immediately leave the temperature setting mode if no changes are made in the next five seconds.

This will activate the heater’s control system and cause it to show either the current thermal settings or the default set. When your heater’s blower continues to operate even after you turn the device off, do not be confused.

When you turn off your heater, its inside components should automatically cool down.

How Do I Clean A Washable Heat Storm Heater Filter?

How To Unlock A Heat Storm Heater

Both wall-mounted and portable Heat Storm heaters employ a washable or reusable filter. It may be washable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t deteriorate or need repair on a regular basis.

Depending on how frequently it is used, you must either clean it or replace it each month. Additionally, frequent maintenance will aid in preventing debris buildup and lowering energy costs.

The washable filter in your heater can be cleaned in the manner described below:

  • Ensure that the Heat Storm heater is unplugged before beginning the cleaning process.
  • Check the housing of the filter. Two filters are fastened to the sides of a heater that is fixed on the wall.
  • You can carefully remove both filters by depressing the latches holding the filter cover in place.
  • To clean the dirty filter, take it somewhere safe.
  • Rinse the filter with warm water.
  • Let’s say you’d rather soak the washable filter. Use just mild soap, and make sure to thoroughly rinse it.
  • To thoroughly drop any residual water, gently tilt the filter. To prevent destroying the microfiber components in your filter, never vacuum it.
  • Reattach the filter to the housing with the air arrow pointing in your direction once it has dried.
  • Have the filters cleaned quickly using a vacuum. Make sure to vacuum the cover from both sides.
  • Place the filter cover in place and firmly lock it.

Tips For Troubleshooting A Heat Storm Heater

How To Unlock A Heat Storm Heater

It is extremely annoying to have a broken heater, especially on chilly days. Your heat storm heater may develop problems over time for a number of causes. Fortunately, most of them only need minor repairs to get the heater working again.

Here are some typical issues you might run into and how to fix them:

Faulty Heat Storm Heater
A thermostat that isn’t functioning properly may be the cause of your heater not working. This is the main reason a heater won’t turn on. Furthermore, very dirty or outdated air filters exacerbate this problem.

By making sure your thermostat is configured properly, you may either resolve or prevent this problem. It is also worthwhile to check the batteries in the thermostat to see if they need to be replaced. Cleaning the heater’s filter on a regular basis also helps prevent this issue.

Heat Storm Activated But It Is Not Blowing Warm Or Cool Air
The fact that it is set to “Fan Only” mode is the main reason for this issue. The thermostat setting may be so low that it can’t heat or cool your space very quickly.

Setting your thermostat correctly to the recommended temperature settings will solve this issue quickly. In the summer, the ideal thermostat setting is 78° F, and in the winter, 68° F.

Heat Storm Heater Showing Error Codes “EE” And “EO”
Unavoidably, you won’t see an error code flashing on your heater’s display. This is the heater’s system’s way of warning you when it encounters a problem and demands immediate attention.

The thermal sensor in your heater may be malfunctioning if you see the “EE” error code glowing on its control panel. To fix this issue, all you have to do is determine whether the sensor has to be replaced.

Meanwhile, call any authorized Heat Storm heater repair facility right away if you see the “EO” error number on your heater’s display. This is a challenging problem that frequently results in a damaged printed circuit board [PCB].


When your Heat Storm heater’s screen is set to Child Lock mode, you cannot access it. It is crucial to understand how to unlock the screen in order to get to the heater.

We hope that by describing the quick and simple unlocking process to you, you will be able to use your Heat Storm heater. Utilize all of this important information to improve operations and avert major problems in the future.

How To Unlock A Heat Storm Heater

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