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How To Reset My Payne Air Conditioner

How To Reset My Payne Air Conditioner

Payne provides cost-effective air conditioning systems for clients seeking a balance between quality and longevity. How to reset the Payne air conditioner is a question that is frequently asked, though. Since we want to be of assistance to you, we have already done extensive research.

Your Payne air conditioner must be reset in order to:

  • Turn The Air Conditioner Off.
  • Find the location of the circuit breaker.
  • Before turning the air conditioner back on, wait a moment.

As you can see, it’s simple to reset a Payne air conditioner. You must be aware of the proper procedure. It would be great to continue reading if you want to better comprehend your Payne air conditioner. This could help provide the answers to some of your other queries.

Resetting An Air Conditioner By Payne

How To Reset My Payne Air Conditioner

To help you learn how to correctly run Payne air conditioners, we will give you thorough information on them.

What Can Cause Payne Air Conditioners To Reset?

An air conditioner has a circuit breaker much like any other electrical device you may have in your house. You can immediately utilize the breaker to turn off your gadget in the event of an overload. It really is a useful switch.

When power is restored after a power outage, for example, that can result in an overload. The circuitry in your gadget may be harmed by the sudden voltage increase.

If you are having issues with the temperature or anything else, your Payne air conditioner may sometimes only need to be quickly reset.

Resetting A Payne AC

How To Reset My Payne Air Conditioner

This section will lead you through the straightforward procedure of how to reset your Payne air conditioner.

Deactivate The Air Conditioner
Using the thermostat, you may turn off your Payne air conditioner. Until you’re done restarting it, don’t let it run your air conditioner.

Find The Circuit Breaker
You must find the circuit breaker box after turning off your air conditioner using the thermostat.

Typically, you can find it in either of the following places:

  • cupboard
  • cellar
  • crawlspace
  • occasionally fixed to the home’s exterior

If you’ve already found it, you can turn off the air conditioner at this time. This action will ensure that you stay away from electrical mishaps.

Before Turning The Air Conditioner Back On, Wait A Moment
We strongly advise waiting 60 seconds after turning off the air conditioner’s circuit breaker.

It is also advisable to let everyone in the house know that you are about to reset the circuit breaker before doing so. Anyone trying to use an electrical appliance while working will be prevented by this.

When Should The Air Conditioner Be Turned On?

When you have completed one minute of waiting, you must now wait a second minute. The air conditioner will be able to automatically turn back on using this method. Next, turn on the thermostat and turn the air conditioner back on.

You should adjust the thermostat to the cool position to see if your air conditioner is operating properly. Additionally, make sure the thermostat is set at least five degrees lower than the temperature of the room.

How Can I Move Forward If My Payne Air Conditioner Still Doesn’t Work After Resetting?

Don’t try to reset the circuit breaker once more if your Payne air conditioner has already been reset and is still not functioning properly. If you keep doing this, the problem can get worse.

All you need to do in this situation is call an HVAC professional to take care of the issue for you. Since the air conditioner may have problems other than a circuit breaker that continually tripping, a thorough investigation is required. Furthermore, you can’t accomplish anything by yourself.

What Problems Do Payne Air Conditioners Typically Have?

Appliances made by the Payne brand are trustworthy household items. But even the most reliable technology eventually needs to be fixed. Here are a few of the frequent problems:

Why Does The Condensing Unit On The Payne AC Not Function?
A broken thermostat is the main cause of this problem. Using the contacts on the thermostat, you may control the heating and cooling system. If the connection is broken, the air conditioner won’t operate.

How To Reset My Payne Air Conditioner

Why Doesn’t the Payne AC Produce Cool Air?
In this process, the control board sends a low-voltage signal to the contactor. After receiving the signal, the contactor will also close the circuit, supplying power to the different parts of the condensing unit.

Simply said, the condensing unit won’t get power if the contactor is broken or not working properly. Using a multimeter is the best approach to confirm that the contactor is not in use. We therefore suggest switching to a new contactor in the absence of continuity.

Why Isn’t The Fan Motor On The Payne AC Working?
A broken capacitor will render the fan motor inoperable. Additionally, it may result in an air conditioner that is too noisy and hot. If you observe any of these problems, you should examine the capacitor right away. Replace it with a new one if you see that it is bulging or leaking.

Payne Air Conditioner: Why So Loud?
The condenser’s fan motor is one potential problem here. The bearings may be deteriorating, which would explain the loud noise.

Please crank the condenser fan motor by hand to check the bearings. If the motor turns with a grinding or stuttering noise, replace it.

What Kinds Of Payne Air Conditioning Units Are There?

Payne offers a huge selection of top-notch air conditioning parts. Although each Payne air conditioner is adaptable enough to fit a variety of needs, choose the best one requires some prior information. We’ll provide you access to some of the greatest units on the market to aid in your decision.

Affordable Payne AC Unit
A straightforward, durable, and reasonably priced single-stage air conditioner is the 13 PA13NA. It has a working noise level as low as 74 and a SEER rating of 13.


  • Easily affordable
  • Durable


  • According to U.S. rules on energy efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, installation may be forbidden in some areas of the nation.

Payne AC Model That Offers The Best Humidity And Temperature

A two-stage variable central air conditioner is the PA17NA. This model received Energy Star certification due to its improved humidity and temperature control. The sturdy exterior’s integrated wire grille offers further defense against the elements.

It is rated at 17 SEER. Additionally, the working noise is only 73 dB. The greatest option is for those looking for an air conditioner that regularly removes humidity.


  • It boasts a high-efficiency, two-stage scroll compressor technology.
  • Anti-corrosion paint is applied to a cabinet constructed of galvanized steel for long-term protection.
  • It saves a lot of money by using only 25% of the energy that it would require to operate at full speed.
  • It uses the ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A, which is in it.


  • Compared to a single-stage unit, it costs more to buy.

Affordable Payne AC Unit
If you want a sturdy yet affordable air conditioner, choose the Payne PA15NC model. It has robust parts, like a housing with a protective nickel plating.

This unit’s system is capable of producing 1.5 to 5 tons of cooling power. A filter dryer also protects the system. Its working noise is 75 decibels, and its SEER rating is 14.


  • It has a strong exterior
  • It has remarkable weather resistance


  • It doesn’t really save much energy

Payne AC Model That Can Handle Extreme Heat
A single-stage compressor central air conditioner that can withstand high temperatures and debris is called the PA14NC.

This type includes a galvanized steel frame and a baked-on powder finish that protects it from the elements quite well.

Its working noise is 75 decibels, and its SEER rating is 14.


  • The inlet grille panels make it simple to clean the coil
  • Despite having only one stage, it performs well
  • It has a filter drier that safeguards the system


  • It works with maximum efficiency.

Which Model Of Payne AC Has Exceptional Durability?
A single-stage variable air conditioner is the Payne’s PA16NA. It is an Energy Star-certified appliance with a 76 decibel noise limit. Additionally, its SEER rating is 17.

This type was made by Payne with a galvanized steel cabinet and weatherproof paint for exceptional longevity. In order to lower their initial investment and maintenance costs, it is better for homeowners.


  • It resists rusting
  • Its SEER rating is comparatively high


  • It only has one stage, thus it always performs to capacity


The process of resetting a Payne air conditioner is simple. It would be wise to inspect it and act right away if you find something wrong with it. However, if you don’t have enough experience troubleshooting air conditioners, we strongly advise consulting an HVAC expert.

How To Reset My Payne Air Conditioner

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