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How To Reset A Levoit Air Purifier Effortlessly And Quickly

How To Reset A Levoit Air Purifier Effortlessly And Quickly

Your Levoit air purifier’s red light may come on for a number of reasons. You might have to reset the air purifier to fix the issue. What causes the red light to appear? How do you do this? We did study to find the solutions for you.

To quickly and easily reset your Levoit air purifier, press and hold the filter reset indicator button for 3 to 5 seconds. If this doesn’t work, turn off the appliance while keeping the power cord plugged into an outlet. Your Levoit model might need to be turned off in order to be reset.

Learn how to reset your Levoit air purifier, why the red light is on, and what to do about it by continuing to read. We’ve also provided instructions on how to fix your appliance when it breaks and how to keep it in good shape. We’ll talk about the effects of not washing or replacing the filters on time last.

How Can A Levoit Air Purifier Be Reset?

How To Reset A Levoit Air Purifier Effortlessly And Quickly

Your Levoit air purifier’s red light illuminates to let you know that the filter needs to be changed or cleaned. After cleaning or changing the filter, the red light does not go out, and you must reset your air purifier get it to do so.

Press the filter reset indicator button for 3 to 5 seconds to accomplish this. Try turning off your appliance while leaving the power cord plugged into an outlet if nothing happens. This is due to the fact that some Levoit models should be turned off prior to reset.

Red Light Turns On For These Reasons: What To Do

What causes your air purifier’s red light to come on? Check it out below. We also discuss solutions to these problems.

Clogged Or Dirty Air Filter
When the filters get soiled or clogged, an air purifier can warn you by turning on the red light.

The air purifier won’t efficiently clean the air if the filters are unclean, thus it is wise to clean or replace them as soon as the red light illuminates. Additionally, operating an air purifier with soiled filters can harm it.

The Best Way To Clean Levoit Filters

To safeguard yourself from a potential electric shock that could seriously harm you, you must first unplug your appliance. Replace or clean the filters next.

A pre-filter and HEPA filter are typically included with air purifiers, including Levoits. Some may have three filters or more. Manufacturers of Levoit advise against washing the HEPA filter. Replace it every six to eight months instead.

However, you can clean the pre-filter once a month or at least every two weeks. To accomplish this, briefly hold the pre-filter under running water, allow it to fully dry, and then replace it in the appliance.

After cleaning or changing the filters on your air purifier, don’t forget to reset it.

High Pollution Levels In The Air

A space might occasionally be very contaminated. For instance, the red light will come on if smoke accidentally enters the room. This is the result of your appliance working too hard to clean the smoke-filled air.

To fix this issue, try relocating your appliance to a room with no smoke.

Distressed Device

Other times, the red light will turn on simply because it is too busy. You don’t need to clean it or replace anything in this situation. You only need to press and release the lit button for a brief period of time to reset it.

How To Keep Your Air Purifier In Good Working Order

How To Reset A Levoit Air Purifier Effortlessly And Quickly

Additional advice on how to maintain your air purifier is provided below:

Keep The Rooms Clean Frequently
Clean surroundings will help your air purifier function more effectively. The air purifier’s lifespan is shortened by overworking due to excessive dust. Therefore, keep the areas where you use these appliances regularly clean.

Put Your Air Purifier In A Proper Location
The best place for your air purifier is a sealed room because it can concentrate on cleaning the air there without having to worry about contaminants getting inside. The cleaned air will be wasted if the doors or windows are left open and allow the outside air in.

Avoid Using Detergents
Never try to wash your air purifier or filter with any detergent. You could harm someone. It is sufficient to run the filter under water and clean the device with a cloth.

Put It In The Middle
Place your appliance in the middle of the room to avoid obstructing airflow into and out of it. Remove any more impediments from the vicinity.

How To Diagnose An Air Purifier Problem

How To Reset A Levoit Air Purifier Effortlessly And Quickly

Your air purifier may occasionally stop working due to minor problems. The following are some potential issues and solutions for them:

Not Powering Up
It’s not always a sign of a serious issue when an air purifier won’t turn on. Therefore, if there is no sign of power after turning on your appliance, do not become alarmed. It’s possible that you neglected to plug in, which you should do if there isn’t one nearby.

Plug it into another power socket if it still doesn’t function after being plugged in. If the new outlet is functional, have the broken one fixed by an electrician.

Additionally, power won’t flow if the power rating of your device and the electrical outlet are different. Use an outlet that has the same rating as your device as a result.

Strange Noises
Open your appliance and check the filter if you notice any strange noises coming from it. In some cases, you might have installed the filter incorrectly. After properly installing it, turn off your air purifier.

If the noise continues, there might be a more serious issue. Call a technician to identify the issue in this situation.

Offensive Odors
The majority of offensive odors come from dirty filters, which is an easy fix. The answer is to wash or swap them out.

Consequences Of Failing To Regularly Clean Or Replace Filters

Failure to replace the filter on the manufacturer’s advised timetable has consequences. They consist of:

Higher Health Risk
Your air purifier may become so clogged that it is unable to capture dirt and other particles. Mold, bacteria, and viruses can grow well because of the dirt that gets trapped in the filters, which serves as an ideal environment for their reproduction. So you run the risk of getting respiratory infections.

Compromised Air Quality
Filters that are dirty significantly reduce the level of filtration, which lowers the quality of the air you breathe. The air won’t be as clean as it ought to be.

Increased Energy Bills
Your air purifier will have to work harder if the filters are seriously clogged. Your home’s energy use will increase as a result, increasing your energy costs.


You need to clean or replace the filters, as indicated by the red light on your Levoit that flashes. If you don’t finish this by the deadline, bad things might happen. There are additional causes for the red light to turn on.

We also hope that you are now able to resolve small air purifier problems and are familiar with air purifier maintenance.

How To Reset A Levoit Air Purifier Effortlessly And Quickly

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