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How To Reset A GermGuardian HEPA Filter

How To Reset A GermGuardian HEPA Filter

The majority of air purifiers in today’s modern world use HEPA filter technology, including the GermGuardian air purifiers. But how can the HEPA filter be reset? We shall delve more into HEPA filters in this piece.

You must carry out the following actions to reset the HEPA Filter on GermGuardian:

  • Switch on the purifier.
  • You may see a red blinking light on the panel that reads “HEPA RESET” if you look closely.
  • You should find the HEPA reset button.
  • Press and hold for 3 to 8 seconds to make the light go out.
  • Switch it on and off once again.

HEPA Filter: What Is It?

How To Reset A GermGuardian HEPA Filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air is referred to as HEPA. It is constructed of tens of thousands of incredibly tiny strands that are arranged into a mat to capture both big and minute particles. The air cleaner will force the air from the space through the filter, removing any pollutants.

The HEPA filter complies with the air filter quality standard, which mandates the removal of 99.9% of air particles down to the smallest size. Most air purifiers that can filter and clean the air often have these HEPA filters. Other kinds of purifiers exist as well, including ionizers, carbon filters, and non-filter purifiers.

HEPA filters are also used in vacuum cleaners and many other fields that demand exceptionally high air quality, like nuclear power, aerospace, and the like.

What Is The HEPA Filter’s Mechanism?

The numerous filter layers used in the innovative multi-layer air filter efficiency technology. Glass strands that have been twisted and interwoven to form a network of fibers make up HEPA filters. Following are some ways that it circulates while the particles move:

Direct Impaction – Significant pollutants like dust, pollen, and mold adhere to the fiber as they travel in a straight line, collide with it.

Sieving – When particles are sieved, the air stream transports them between two fibers, but if a particle is larger than the gap, it will be stuck.

Interception – Although the airflow is quickly diverted to the fibers, due to inertia, the particles will still follow their original course and adhere to the fibers.

Diffusion – enables small particles to reach and adhere to fibers directly since they move sporadically more than larger particles.

Common Motives For Choosing HEPA Filters

How To Reset A GermGuardian HEPA Filter

Are you unsure of the benefits of using an air purifier with a HEPA filter? Read on.

Smokers – A carbon filter and a HEPA filter are required inside. Gases, vapors, and other odors will be eliminated. Additionally, smoke particles will be removed.

Pet owners – They should invest in an air purifier with a lifetime HEPA and carbon filter. Pet dander that settles in the air is eliminated.

Patients With Asthma – They should use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to eliminate household allergens including dust mites, mold, and other pollutants that set off asthma attacks.

New Parents – Cleans and makes the air safe for babies and kids by removing dust and debris from it.

When Is A HEPA Filter Ineffective?

The HEPA filter is indeed powerful enough to enhance our wellbeing. However, there are occasions when an air purifier without filters is all we require. By completely decreasing particles and eradicating 99.9% of germs, for instance, it is possible to eradicate bacteria and airborne pathogens.

As a result, even while HEPA filters work well enough, nothing can be completely destroyed. If not adequately addressed, things like bacteria, mold spores, and viruses will spread. You’ll require a device like an Airfree purifier, which eliminates harmful pollutants without the need for new filters.

They are very quiet to use, making them ideal for your bedroom. You can still use the Airfree type of purifier and this is the best choice for you if you are allergic to dust mites or mold spores.

Benefits Of A HEPA Filter Like GermGuardian

We now know that air purifiers not only make the air cleaner but also provide people a better chance of living longer. It lessens the warning signs and symptoms of illnesses brought on by pollution.

The advantages of owning the GermGuardian air purifier with a HEPA filter are discussed one by one below.

Reduces The Symptoms Of Asthma

Asthma affects 1 in 12 persons, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These may have bronchial tubes that are irritated. Pollutants such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other particles that irritate the airway may make it difficult for people with asthma to breathe.

Every day, cats and dogs shave their coats. They spread dander and hairs that will attach to the air when they itch themselves. There are several things, such dust and pollen, that might cause asthma even if you don’t have one.

Here is the explanation if you’re curious how these things take place. In particular while you are outside, most pollen moves with the breeze via open windows or sticks to your clothing. Dust mites are the most prevalent indoor allergens because they prefer a humid atmosphere to survive.

Low humidity might provide dust mites with the ideal habitat in a particular area or room. Your carpet, bed, and other upholstered furniture all serve as excellent breeding grounds for them. You need to vacuum those previously specified areas to get rid of these dwelling germs. By doing this, you can contribute to lowering the risk of developing asthma.

In order to make the air clean and comfortable to breathe, many individuals today opt to purchase GermGuardian air purifiers with HEPA filters that collect harmful contaminants. HEPA filters have multi-dimensional meshes comprised of microscopic, thinner-than-hair fiberglass threads. These meshes will capture airborne dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.

The HEPA filters are for tiny microorganisms because some air purifiers contain pre-filters to catch larger particles. The air purifier’s efficiency will be delayed by this system. An efficient air purifier keeps the air clean and fresh, which lessens asthma symptoms.

Airborne Disease Reduction

Colds and cough are frequent side effects of the flu, an airborne illness. It is easily contagious thanks to minute bacteria that circulate in the air. It is typical for the other person to become ill as well when one person contracts the flu. We all breathe the same air, which is contaminated with viruses and germs, therefore this is the case.

HEPA filters on GermGuardian air purifiers eliminate the source of airborne illnesses so you can protect yourself and your family from viral infections. GermGuardian air purifiers with HEPA filters are essential for the elderly and children because they have weakened immune systems.

Enhance Your Sleeping Habits

How To Reset A GermGuardian HEPA Filter

Indoors, there are some allergens that can cause hay fever or allergies, including fungi, bacteria, and dust mites. A runny nose brought on by hay fever might last for several weeks. Your sleep will be disturbed if you frequently cough, sneeze, have nasal congestion, or have a sore throat.

Drowsiness brought on by insufficient sleep reduces your productivity throughout the day. Use HEPA air purifiers to filter such allergens inside your room to prevent sleep disruptions. You’ll sleep well if the air is clean.

Increases The Longevity Of Life

Your cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems are all impacted by air pollution. In your lungs, gases and common household chemicals can build up. Actually, airborne particles are too small to cross the blood-brain barrier, which has an impact on your brain and your ability to think clearly.

Select the best air purifier to capture even the smallest particle for better air quality.

Can The GermGuardian’s HEPA Filter Stop The Coronavirus?

Sincerely, the response is no. There isn’t much proof that the HEPA filter on the GermGuardian air purifier can stop the coronavirus, much alone any other air purifier brands. We are all aware that HEPA filters are capable of capturing even the smallest particles, and coronavirus is among them. UV air purifiers also eliminate germs, although there are currently no studies that specifically demonstrate that they can eliminate coronavirus.

Air Purifiers: Do They Work?

Yes. It has a high percentage of airborne allergens passing through the filter being captured. Our air is renewed by them, especially inside.

You can always find clean air to breathe. It permits suitable ventilation and lowers air pollution. You can lengthen your life expectancy and lessen the symptoms of respiratory illnesses by using air purifiers.


You recently discovered how to restart the HEPA filter on GermGuardian. Additionally, we have learned crucial details about the advantages of HEPA filters. Keep in mind to maintain appropriate air quality to decrease certain respiratory disorders and lengthen your life.

How To Reset A GermGuardian HEPA Filter

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