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How To Quickly & Easily Change The Filter On A Winix Air Purifier

How To Quickly & Easily Change The Filter On A Winix Air Purifier

Filters in Winix air purifiers catch dust, fur, trash, and other airborne particles as they pass through. Does the Winix air purifier’s filter need to be cleaned or changed?

The procedure for changing the filters on your Winix air purifier may vary depending on the model type. The instructions for replacing the Winix air purifier 5300 filters are provided below.

When the filter has to be replaced and the indication signals such, you should:

  • Unplug the electrical socket after turning off the appliance.
  • From the bottom, remove the front cover.
  • Carefully remove the two tabs by pulling them out from the outside.
  • Purchase the new pre-filter and filter. To the air purifier, fasten the replacement.
  • Reconnect the air purifier’s power and replace the cover.
  • Reset the change filter indicator after turning on the air purifier.

Continue reading as we delve deeper into the topic to learn more about air filters and how to keep your air purifier operating at its best.

How Can A Winix Air Purifier’s Air Filter Be Replaced?

To guarantee that the air in your room is clean and free of pollutants, you must change the filter. Finding an appropriate filter for your Winix air purifier should be your first step.

Make sure the appliance is unplugged and switched off so you can move it without risking an electric shock. Before you begin replacing the filter, let the appliance cool down.

How To Replace The Air Filter

How To Quickly & Easily Change The Filter On A Winix Air Purifier
  • The front cover plate should be removed by pulling it away from you from the bottom edges. The WAC 5500 model is shown in the video below, however the WAC 5300 model’s instructions are also applicable.
  • Change the pre-filter as soon as you notice it is covered in debris or other dirt.
  • Examine the HEPA filter to see if it is dust-filled before changing the pre-filter. It is time to change the HEPA filter if it has already become gray or black.
  • Grab the tabs on the old HEPA filter and attach the new one to replace it. Attaching the replacements requires according to the airflow labels.
  • Incorporate the fresh air pre-filter. The pre-filter will remain in place whenever you turn on the air purifier later. The air pre-filter should be changed every two to three months, as recommended.
  • A timer on the Winix air purifier lets you know when to change the air filters.
  • Turn on the air purifier by plugging it in. Locate and hold the reset filter button for five seconds. To reset the filter notification, some Winix model types, including the 6300-2, 5500-2, 5300-2, C555, C535, and Winix Zero, require a safety pin or bobby pin.
  • Reinstall the air purifier cover into the device.

Should You Replace Or Clean Your Old Air Filter?

  • You should choose whether to replace or still wash the filters. The procedures of cleaning the Winix 5500-2 air purifier filters are listed below.
  • Remove the filter cover for the air cleaner.
  • Remove the pre-filter with care. If it is washable, assess the amount of filth on it to see if you can still use it.
  • Dispense with the carbon filter.
  • See if the filter can still be used by checking it. You should replace the filter at least once a year because it cannot be washed.
  • Wash the pre-filter and carbon filter using a spray hose. Make sure all the dust and filth are gone. The carbon filter should be cleaned and used three times before being discarded.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry it more quickly or let it air dry in the sun.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe down the apparatus and the areas surrounding the filter.
  • Pre-filter and carbon filter should be attached.
  • Put the air cleaner’s cover back on and turn it on.

How To Fix Problems With A Winix Air Purifier

How To Quickly & Easily Change The Filter On A Winix Air Purifier

The following are some problems with Winix air purifiers and how to fix them:

Red Light
The Winix air purifier’s quality indicator will turn red if there is too much air pollution, according to its sensor. Turn the air purifier on high speed to assist clean the air in your room as a cure for this. Once finished, the red light will turn blue or amber.

Continues To Shut Down
There are potential causes for the air purifier’s recurrent shutdowns. Below are a few of the causes:

Make sure the electrical outlet has power and that the cord is plugged in. Attempt to plug the air purifier into a different electrical outlet.

Check the circuit breaker to see if it operates correctly and if the fuse and power supply are malfunctioning.

No Electricity
Test your other appliances to see if there is a power outage after checking the power and circuit breaker and finding that everything appears okay. If none, carry out the subsequent troubleshooting actions.

Air Filter
The issue with the shutting down could be resolved by cleaning or replacing the air filters. Filters that are dirty and blocked reduce an air purifier’s effectiveness.

When the fan motors overheat or burn out, the air purifier immediately enters safe mode. Before retesting, turn it off and let it cool down.

Sleep Mode
Make sure the air purifier’s timer is not set to sleep. If basic troubleshooting did not resolve the problem, you might need to ask your manufacturer for assistance.

Ineffective Controls
On occasion, the control panel won’t function and buttons stop working. If you need a replacement, you must speak with the manufacturer.

Faulty Wiring
There are times when air purifiers sustain electrical damage while being transported or maintained. When you turn on the appliance, the circuit is disrupted, and the air purifier turns off. A technician will replace the wiring and test the appliance to see if there is any additional damage.

Fan Problem
Filters that are dirty might slow down a fan or make it only partially functional. Check to see if the issue is resolved by changing your filters. Contact your dealer or the manufacturer for assistance if the problem continues.

Sensor Problem
The performance of the air purifier is impacted when the sensor becomes filthy. Cleaning the sensor and the filters at the same time might be beneficial. After removing the front cover and the filter, clean the sensor using a gentle brush, cotton swab, soft cloth, or vacuum.

If the air purifier makes an odd ticking noise, a loose bolt by the fan is the likely cause. Flip the air purifier over, then tighten the bolt holding the fan blade in place in the middle.

  • To prevent hazard, unplug the power supply and turn off the air purifier.
  • Bolts are around the fan, and you may see them if you remove the back cover. Be cautious and gently pull the back cover because wirings are attached to both the main body and the back cover.
  • All of the bolts holding the fan’s entire body should be removed.
  • Remove the fan.
  • The fan blade’s central bolt should be tightened.
  • assemble everything once more.
  • Check to see if the strange noise is gone by turning on the air purifier.
  • Ask a specialist to tighten the bolts if you are unsure how to fix the device.


How To Quickly & Easily Change The Filter On A Winix Air Purifier

Filters must be changed often to keep your home’s air clear of dust and other contaminants that could be harmful to your health. The Winix air purifier filters may be changed quickly and easily.

How To Quickly & Easily Change The Filter On A Winix Air Purifier

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