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How To Easily And Efficiently Clean A Bissell Air Purifier

How To Easily And Efficiently Clean A Bissell Air Purifier

Do you have any doubts about how to properly clean your Bissell air purifier? Can you wash its sensor as well?

To ensure the safety of the air in a space, an air purifier such a Bissell must be cleaned. By doing this, you can avoid getting sick from dust particles that build up on the air filter over time.

The instructions for cleaning your Bissell air purifier, including its sensor, are listed below:

  • After turning off the air purifier, unplug it.
  • Locate the filter, which is typically near the unit’s base.
  • Turn the lid clockwise to remove it.
  • If the instructions specifies that the filter can be washed, you can do so. If not, you should change it.
  • Lock the cover after inserting the replacement filter into its case.
  • Connect a plug and turn the air purifier on.
  • For at least three seconds or until you hear a beep, press and hold the filter reset button.
  • After every three months, think about changing the filter.
  • For safety, shut down and disconnect the device once more.
  • Simply locate the sensor on the side of the device and clean it.
  • Remove the sensor cover’s screws.
  • Remove the sensor’s lid. The sensor is typically blue in hue.
  • Scrub the cotton swab up and down gently to clean the sensor. If it appears damaged, you can also replace it.
  • Reinstall the sensor, then tighten the lid. To clean the filth off the appliance, get a soft, damp cloth.
  • Only add water to avoid scratching the appliance.
  • Use a gentle cloth to dry the device.
  • Restart the device, then test it.

A Bissell Air Purifier’s Cleaning Procedure

How To Easily And Efficiently Clean A Bissell Air Purifier

A portable device called a Bissell air purifier aids in enhancing the air quality in your space. It can fight against microscopic contaminants that could be harmful to your health.

To ensure that the air purifier does not struggle to filter out the contaminated air, it must be cleaned. Additionally, cleaning preserves the exterior’s quality. If you continue to take care of the unit, you might anticipate it lasting for many years.

To avoid discoloration or surface scratches, you shouldn’t clean the appliance with soap. To eliminate the grime, you can instead only use clean water.

You should clean the sensor in addition to the exterior. By doing this, you can get the best results from your air pollutant filter.

However, depending on whether the filter is washable, it is advised to replace them rather than just washing them. If you want to know if the filter can be reused more than once, see the user manual.

The directions for changing the sensor are also included in the aforementioned stages. All you have to do is locate it on the air purifier’s bottom side.

Extra Cleaning Methods For A Bissell Air Purifier

Making use of a soft cloth and water is a quick cleaning choice. However, there are several options you can try to clean the Bissell air purifier’s outside. Look over the list below:

Portable Vacuum

Another simple solution is to remove the dirt using a handheld vacuum. You can decrease your efforts and save time by doing this.

This alternative might not be as successful as the one we offered at the outset, though. Refer to the following actions:

  • Switch on the portable vacuum after turning off the air purifier.
  • Decide on a moderate level.
  • Vacuum the filter thoroughly while aiming the vacuum at it.
  • Continue until the apartment appears tidy. For better cleaning, you can also unscrew the filter and vacuum it.
  • Before turning on the air purifier, replace or put the filter back in place

Cleansing Wipes

When you use cleaning wipes to clean the tabletop, appliances, and other surfaces, they often contain sanitizer or alcohol to destroy the bacteria. The surface of the air purifier’s exterior can be cleaned with wipes. Just be sure to throw away the used wipes.

What Is A HEPA Filter?

How To Easily And Efficiently Clean A Bissell Air Purifier

High Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, filters remove hazardous particles such as pollen, bacteria, mildew, and dust that would otherwise pass through a normal air filter. HEPA filters are typically included in Bissell air purifiers for the best filtering system.

When Should A Bissell Air Purifier Filter Be Replaced?

The air purifier filter needs to be changed at least every three months, as was previously specified. This will make the area more comfortable and improve the ventilation.

When the filter is kept in top condition, you could notice that the temperature is operating more effectively. Nevertheless, you can replace the filter as soon as you see any damage.

How Much Does A Bissell Air Purifier Filter Cost?

How To Easily And Efficiently Clean A Bissell Air Purifier

A filter can be purchased at a Bissell-authorized store for as little as $19, approximately. Depending on your current model, the filter can be either a carbon or a HEPA filter. You should keep a few extra filters on hand in case the current one malfunctions.

Can You Use An Air Purifier And An AC Unit?

Air temperature in a room will be effectively controlled by combining the two. They work well together since they each have a different function. In a shorter period of time, you’ll notice that the space is becoming more comfortable.

How Much Time Should An Air Purifier Operate?

You can think about leaving an air purifier on for about 12 hours every day. This guards against overheating and safeguards internal parts like the motor and wiring. However, some manufacturers favor having their air purifiers run continuously.

It’s also said that asthma sufferers can benefit from using an air purifier. However, if you suffer from the same medical issue, you should get professional advice. If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t operate the air purifier for too long in a day because it could harm your health.

Is There A Warranty For A Bissell Air Purifier?

Yes, you will benefit from a five-year warranty on devices like the Bissell Air320. The warranty mostly covers production flaws.

Compared To An Air Humidifier

Differentiating between an air humidifier and an air purifier might be challenging. To help you understand how the two are different, we’re going to share some of their unique qualities with you. See the list below.

Air Purifier

An air purifier works by lowering pollutants or toxins that our eyes cannot see but that we frequently breathe subconsciously. The two play different roles in improving air quality. A humidifier, on the other hand, provides moisture to the air to keep the environment from becoming overly dry.

For example, if you live next to a building site where dust particles have unintentionally dispersed over the neighborhood, you should use an air purifier to remove the toxins from the dust particles so that the air you breathe is safer and less concerning.

Another illustration is the need for an air humidifier in rooms like the kitchen that frequently become hot, even on typical days. You can determine when and when to employ each by differentiating between the two. The product description can be used to find out how to use something.


In the summer, a humidifier should be used. This keeps the temperature from rising above what is tolerable.

As a result, you’ll use air conditioners and other cooling equipment less frequently.

But this does not imply that winter is the only time to use an air purifier. Remember that a humidifier can affect temperature changes more significantly than an air purifier can.


We learned a lot from this post, from how to clean a Bissell air purifier to how to change its filter. Then, we discovered how an air purifier and a humidifier differ from one another. Keep in mind that maintaining the air purifier will help the quality of the air.

How To Easily And Efficiently Clean A Bissell Air Purifier

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