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Amaze Heater Or Envi Heater: Which Is Better?

Amaze Heater Or Envi Heater: Which Is Better?

If your small room or RV gets cold on cold nights, it’s time to invest in a small but efficient heater. You have a choice between an Amaze and an Envi heater. But how do you know which option to select? This article will help you understand what you need to know and choose the best heater.

The Amaze heater claims to be noiseless, has a large selection, and is energy efficient. In the meantime, the Envi heater is a simple plug-in that stays cool to the touch. Both heaters are simple to install, take up little space in your home, and are reasonably priced.

You now have a better idea of what these heaters could provide. Read on to learn about their benefits and drawbacks, which may be important to you.

Choosing An Amaze Heater Or An Envi Heater

Small convection heaters like Amaze or Envi quietly warm up the available cool air in the area. It continues until you notice your room becoming warmer. Both are non-fan electric heaters that are small enough to fit into any room. It is ideal for use in living rooms and bedrooms.

Amaze heaters come in mini 250-watt, maxi 600-watt, and other sizes. The mini heater is ideal for an 80-square-foot area. ft. room, whereas the maxi is suitable for a larger space of approximately 300 sq. ft.

It has a modern freestanding or wall-mounting design with smart systems like a programmable timer and Wifi configuration.

Envi heaters have a diameter of 2 in. thick, and they can even be installed behind furniture. It can typically heat a room measuring 130 to 150 square feet. ft. It includes a thermostat for easy control and configuration.

It’s a no-brainer to install these small convection heaters. It is available in both free-standing and wall-mount configurations. The products include screws and mounting materials, making installation much easier for the homeowner. It takes you less than 30 minutes to mount it.

Amaze Heater Or Envi Heater: Which Is Better?

Amaze heaters have a safer drill-less mounting system. Both panels are suitable for do-it-yourself installation. You don’t need any special abilities to station it.

Capability To Heat
Convection heaters, as previously stated, do not immediately heat a room. It gradually heats your room by sucking in cool air and converting it to warm air via convection. Other heat sources can be used to warm up a large space.

The Amaze heater has a thermostat that users find convenient. Because basements are usually damp and cold, it is also an excellent source of heat in a basement-turned sewing room.

Meanwhile, the Envi heater can keep a tiny home in a warm climate warm all day, and you can enjoy the warmth even when it is turned off. However, it will take some time to warm up the house again in the mornings. As a result, you should think about adding another heater, such as a ceramic heater.

Energy Conservation
Amaze heaters provide the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating solutions for your home. They perform admirably in extreme weather conditions while not significantly increasing your energy bill.

Envi heaters have a low operating cost, typically around 5 cents per hour. For dual-stack models, it costs less than 4 cents per hour.

Both of the slim convection heaters make no annoying noises and are almost silent. Both brands take pride in this feature because their products lack moving parts and fans.

Amaze heaters emphasize this quality even further by stating that they only use low-noise drive elements. As a result, no-sound operations. The same is true for Envi heaters. These heaters are completely silent.

The Amaze heater company claims the title of “Safest Panel Heaters in the World,” with a slim panel that can be installed anywhere in your room without fear of burning. However, some homeowners have complained about its toxic or burning odor, raising concerns about its safety.

Amaze Heater Or Envi Heater: Which Is Better?

Envi heaters have built-in wall sense technology and are advertised as “cool to the touch,” so they can warm up a room without leaving it feeling overly toasty. You can leave it on all day. When you turn on the panel, you may hear a light-striking sound. You might want to keep an eye on it and have it checked by a professional.

Because these heaters have few moving parts, they require little to no maintenance. Envi heaters require no maintenance and come with a three-year manufacturer warranty. It also has a slim and clean design that facilitates cleaning.

Amaze heaters have a three-year limited warranty, and you must pay for all refund shipping costs.

In comparison to other heaters, the Amaze and Envi heaters are relatively inexpensive. They are small, use little electricity, and are inexpensive. The Amaze mini heater 250-watt, for example, costs around $85, while the maxi heater 600-watt costs around $140. The Envi heater is priced around $160.

Envi heaters have better online reviews than Amaze heaters. Amaze heater users typically complain about the burning or safety hazard of the panel, whereas Envi heater users are dissatisfied with their units’ heating ability.

However, some reviews may change some comments. Both heaters serve their primary purpose and are appealing to many homeowners due to their small size and convenient design.

How Do You Select The Best Electric Heater?

Everyone wants to buy an appliance without later regretting it. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a heater that will satisfy users. Make sure to delve deeply into the details to determine what you want and whether it is appropriate for your home.

Heater Type: Determine the best type of heater for your needs. There are various types of heaters, including infrared, convection, and space heaters. When selecting the type, keep in mind that it also indicates the amount of noise that the panel can produce. Some parts make audible noise, while others are soundless.
Heater Capacity: Understand the operation of electric heaters. They are not a replacement for a higher-wattage heat source. Keep in mind that an electric heater is best for small spaces and is not the only heater in the house, so set your expectations accordingly.
Heat Settings: Some convection heaters include a thermostat for easy control. These heaters are powered by 120 or 240 volts.
Energy Efficiency: Look for features like auto shut-off, a programmable timer, and LED light indicators in a heater for efficient performance. Find a heater that has all of the features you desire.
Safety: Safety is a non-negotiable. Features such as auto shut-off and timers aid in the prevention of fires and accidents at home. Cool-to-touch features and switch buttons that are out of reach of children are critical safety features.
Aesthetics: Electric heaters come in a variety of styles, ranging from vintage to modern. You might want to choose a heater that complements the style of your room. Modern designs are also slimmer and easier to install.
Noise Level: Radiant heaters are well-known for their quiet operation. Heaters with fans are notoriously loud. It’s a good thing that many convection heaters come with no-moving-parts assembly.
Installation: If you’re used to doing DIY projects at home, you can get a heater that requires additional installation. Some panels come with screws for easy installation, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Electric Heater Cleaning

Amaze Heater Or Envi Heater: Which Is Better?

Cleaning your electric wall heater at least twice a year is recommended. If you have pets or suspect that there is more dirt or debris than usual, you should clean it more frequently. Before opening or touching your heater, gather the following materials:

  • A gentle cloth
  • Air compressor
  • As needed, use a mild detergent.

Simply follow the steps below once you have the materials:

  1. Unplug the heater and wait for it to cool.
  2. Wipe the dirt off the outside with a soft cloth. Blow compressor air from the top vent to the bottom of the heater to remove dust.
  3. Remove any dirty marks or stains from the outer cover with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent. Immediately dry the cover with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaning products on the unit’s surfaces.
  4. Do not allow water to accumulate on the heater.
  5. Before plugging in the unit, make sure it is completely dry.


Amaze heaters run quietly with a variety of options and won’t break the bank on electricity bills, whereas Envi heaters are American-made products with a cool-to-touch feature. These heaters are inexpensive and have a simple DIY installation.

Amaze Heater Or Envi Heater: Which Is Better?

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