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4 Easy Ways To Ventilate An AC Through A Crank Window

4 Easy Ways To Ventilate An AC Through A Crank Window

Although crank windows are a great option for ventilation and energy efficiency, you might ask if an air conditioner can be vented through them. Can you put an AC unit in a crank window, and how should you go about doing it?

A crank window can be used to install and vent your air conditioner. Here is a brief rundown of everything you must do:

  • Size of your window
  • Get the plexiglass cover ready.
  • Install and link every part
  • Secure the AC and test it

Simple-to-install ventilation kits are included with some air conditioners. If yours did, you can use it in its place by adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most of the time, you should vent your air conditioner to make sure it works properly.

How To Install A Crank Window AC

4 Easy Ways To Ventilate An AC Through A Crank Window

Crank windows can accommodate an AC installation, typically with portable models. The majority of air conditioners come with installation kits, but you may also order them online.

With an installation kit, all you have to do is adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that while using it on a crank window, you should turn the plate and mount it vertically.

Making a plexiglass vent for a portable air conditioner is another choice. Here is a quick explanation on how to accomplish it.

  1. Take Window Measurements
    Count the crank window. Make a note of the window’s opening dimensions so you have them for your vent cover.
  2. Get The Plexiglass Cover Ready
    Bring your plexiglass insert or cover to the store and have it cut to the specifications of your window. Request that they also add a hole for the vent hose.
  3. Install Each Component And Connect It
    Keep the window on the crank open. Utilizing twist clamps, fasten the plexiglass cover to the window frame. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, use weather strips or caulk to fill the gap and keep the piece in place. When the cover is in place, connect the hose.
  4. Secure The AC And Test It
    Turn on your portable air conditioner after securing everything to ensure it is functioning properly.

Instead of plexiglass, think about utilizing stiff foam or plywood if you want a less expensive choice. However, these materials might not be as secure or safe and will prevent natural light from entering.

Try fabric seal kits as well; they might be the simplest option available.

Do I Need to Vent My Air Conditioner?

4 Easy Ways To Ventilate An AC Through A Crank Window

To regulate airflow and maintain efficiency, the majority of air conditioning units need venting. Your air conditioner will lose its cooling power if you don’t vent it since it will push warm air back into a room rather than pushing it out.

Your cooling system may be affected if AC vents are covered by furniture, drapes, or other garbage.

It is therefore advisable to routinely keep the AC vent clean and free of any obstruction.

Here are a few justifications for maintaining proper venting on your air conditioner.

Cleans The Air Inside

Your home will accumulate more dust and dirt the longer the air is circulated there. This may result in health problems and lower air quality.

To collect dust and other debris from an AC vent, utilize air filters. This will allow you to clean and change the filters while stopping the spread of dust.

For best effectiveness or to prevent allergies, the majority of specialists advise replacing your air filters at least every three months and more frequently.

Keeps The Right Airflow Going

Warm air is drawn into an air conditioner, where it is cooled before being returned to the space. However, interior air should still have a way out, even when it is recirculated. Vents have a role in this situation.

As a result, it keeps your home’s air circulating well and controls air pressure.

Lowers The Cost Of Cooling

An effective cooling system controls airflow with the aid of vents to work at maximum efficiency. It enables your air conditioner to chill a room more quickly while successfully removing humidity.

As a result, your system consumes a substantial amount of power to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home. It also lowers the energy bill for cooling expenses.

How To Pick The Right AC For Crank Windows

4 Easy Ways To Ventilate An AC Through A Crank Window

Although most air conditioners can be installed in crank windows, not all models will function best with the particular setup. Here are a few things to think about when selecting an AC that will work with a crank window.

BTU Volume

The BTU capacity of a unit determines its ability to both heat and cool. Crank window ACs often have a narrower cooling capacity since crank windows have differing measurements from regular windows.

The standard suggestion for vertical air conditioners is 10,000 BTU when thinking about a model based on this.

Energy Efficiency Rating

EERs, often known as energy efficiency ratings, are available for air conditioners. When a device is highly efficient, it operates superbly while requiring minimal energy.

A high EER air conditioner will probably cost more than other models, especially those with lower ratings for efficiency. On the whole, nonetheless, they typically contribute to long-term energy cost reduction.

If you use your air conditioner regularly, it’s advisable to choose a unit with a greater efficiency ratio to guarantee future reductions in cooling costs.

Size Of Units

Due of its size, several manufacturers create special air conditioners for crank windows. The AC should also fit the height and width of the window because they are narrower than typical windows.

Since crank windows are more likely to fit, portable air conditioners are frequently fitted in them. The size of the window frame must be taken into account for other air conditioners, plus an additional inch or two for other components.

Due to a lack of extra space, installing an air conditioner that is the same size as your window frame could prove challenging.

The Level of Noise

Many people prefer silent cooling systems, especially if they want to install them in living areas or bedrooms. An air conditioner makes noise while it operates, however certain models have lower sound ratings for better comfort.

Remember that louder equipment will have a greater decibel level. Models with noise levels between 40 and 60 dB are advised by experts.

Despite this, the majority of air conditioners produce noise during operation. If your air conditioner starts producing odd noises, there might be a problem.

Need For Power

Air conditioners need power to operate at their peak efficiency, just like other gadgets.

It’s crucial to take into account the surrounding power source if you try to install one through a crank window. You can then determine if it could provide adequate energy to the device.


Given that appliances might have an impact on your home’s condition, you should pick a dependable device. Since they frequently contain a number of tiny components, air conditioners are more likely to malfunction.

Even though there may be a number of causes for these problems, if you take good care of the unit, you can avoid them. Additionally, it’s wise to confirm that they can easily pass through a crank window.

As an added level of security, you can inquire about warranties from the manufacturer.


Crank windows may have homeowners asking if an air conditioner can be installed and vented through them.

Fortunately, this is feasible by employing fabric window seal kits, vent installation kits, or DIY plywood, rigid foam, or plexiglass vents. Venting an air conditioner has many advantages for the homeowner as well as maintaining good performance.

Although portable air conditioners are frequently a choice for crank windows, it’s equally important to assess the advantages of alternative air conditioning equipment. In this manner, you might choose a device that operates in a crank window with little to no impediment.

4 Easy Ways To Ventilate An AC Through A Crank Window

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