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13 Best Evaporative Cooler Tricks

13 Best Evaporative Cooler Tricks

In the hot summer months, evaporative coolers offer a secure and affordable option to cool your home. Look no further if you’re seeking for some advice on how to make the most of your swamp cooler’s efficiency.Here are some tips we found online to help you get the most of yours.

  1. Scrape the cooler’s mineral deposits.
  2. Add lubricant to the water pump.
  3. Drain the cooling reservoir.
  4. Use only filtered water.
  5. Use the cooler when it’s not so humid.
  6. Add some indoor plants.
  7. Use the cooler solely for spot cooling.
  8. Clean the intake grills and fans.
  9. Combine it with a dehumidifier.
  10. Aid in keeping spaces cool.
  11. The cooling pads need to be primed.
  12. Only use cold water.
  13. Avoid using ice water.

Because evaporative coolers often cost less to operate than conventional air conditioning units, many individuals opt to utilize them. Knowing the best strategies to optimize the unit’s performance is still useful. To find out how to achieve it, keep reading.

Best Tricks For Evaporative Coolers

1. Scrape The Cooler’s Mineral Deposits

Your local tap water could have more minerals than other locations depending on where you reside. These minerals can build up over time and turn into scale on your cooler’s tubes. Your cooling system may suffer from hard water scale buildup due to air and water obstructions.

2. Add Lubricant To The Water Pump

Your water pump should be adequately oiled because it can become dry with time. The pump helps the cooler function correctly by transferring water from the reservoir to the cooling pads. Before applying lubrication, be careful to follow the directions that came with your cooler; you don’t want to overdo it. The lubricant should also be added at the beginning of the spring or summer season.

3. Drain The Cooling Reservoir

Another method for keeping your evaporative cooler in good working order is to routinely drain and flush the cooling reservoir.

This reservoir needs to be kept clean in order for the water to flow through it easily when the device is operating. To keep the reservoir clean and free of impurities, it is best to flush it at least once every one to two weeks.

4. Use Only Filtered Water

The less buildup and tubing obstructions from trash and impurities you have to worry about, the cleaner the water in your evaporative cooler will be. When filling the cooler, try to use filtered water if at all possible. By doing this, you can make sure that the water inside the cooler flows easily and that the pads get the proper amount of water for optimum performance.

5. Use The Cooler When It’s Not So Humid

Using your swamp cooler on days with excessive humidity is one of the worst blunders you can make. Remember that evaporator coolers use water that evaporates into the dry air to lower the indoor temperature. As the water evaporates, it naturally lowers the room’s temperature. The evaporative cooler won’t do much to lower the temperature if the room is already humid, instead turning it into a damp sauna-like environment.

6. Add Some Indoor Plants

13 Best Evaporative Cooler Tricks

Did you know that houseplants may naturally lower the humidity in a space? House plants can be kept in the same space as the swamp cooler to help it run more effectively because they absorb more moisture from the air. Different kinds of cacti and succulents, as well as yucca, peace lilies, and English ivies, are some of the best plants for dehumidifying a space.

7. Use The Cooler Solely For Spot Cooling

Swamp coolers are designed to cool individual rooms or other small areas of a house. The appropriate square footage for a swamp cooler’s cooling capacity will be displayed on the label on the side next to its airflow rating when you buy one. To make the most of the cooler, it is best to follow the recommended room size guidelines.

8. Clean The Intake Grills And Fans

13 Best Evaporative Cooler Tricks

Your evaporative cooler’s intake grills and fans need to be cleaned regularly to avoid becoming clogged with insects, leaves, dirt, or other debris. You can accomplish this by washing them with a soft cloth and some mild soap. A brush with soft bristles is another option.

9. Combine It With A Dehumidifier

13 Best Evaporative Cooler Tricks

Keeping the humidity levels low is one of the best methods to guarantee that your swamp cooler operates effectively. Install a dehumidifier if you are unable to open the windows to the outside. Your home’s surplus moisture will be removed by the dehumidifier, creating the perfect climate for the swamp cooler.

However, the majority of high-quality dehumidifiers can cost more than $100. In order to naturally remove humidity from the air, you can also utilize natural dehumidifiers such as activated charcoal, kitty litter, silica pads, or baking soda in the space if you’d rather go with a less expensive option.

10. Aid In Keeping Spaces Cool

Installing shades or blackout curtains is the greatest way to lessen the heat generated by windows in a room with direct sunlight pouring in from the outside. As a result, while the evaporative cooler is operating, the room will stay colder.

Additionally, opening a window will improve airflow in the space and lessen the accumulation of heat from sunshine.

11. The Cooling Pads Need To Be Primed

Prior to operating the swamp cooler for the first time, the cooling pads must be primed. Before the cooler can work, the pads must completely absorb all of the water. Once they are wet, though, they can readily wick moisture from the tank to remain moist. But it can take anything from 10 to 15 minutes to complete this process. Give the pads time to absorb the water after first filling the water reservoir before turning on the fan.

12. Only Use Cold Water

Although it is simple to believe that utilizing warm or hot water in the cooler will speed up evaporation, this is not the case. For an evaporative cooler, water should be heated to a temperature of between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To acquire the ideal water temperature for the cooler, you may just turn on the cold water in your kitchen sink.

13. Avoid Using Ice Water

For use in evaporative coolers, ice water is not recommended. The ice will need to thaw before it can evaporate, which requires the cooler to heat the ice. This will require some time, and your cooler will use more electricity to melt the ice before usage.

How Can A Swamp Cooler Be Optimized?

A cooler can be utilized most effectively if it is kept clean and well-maintained. Additionally, for the cooler to function effectively, you should constantly maintain it in an area where the relative humidity is lower than 70%. Last but not least, make sure the cooling pads and tubes are working properly and that the water used in the cooler is at the suitable temperature.

When Does A Swamp Cooler Lose Its Effectiveness?

Swamp coolers are effective in reducing temperatures by a little bit more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity in the area they are cooling, though, is a bigger worry. The coolers will stop working if the humidity is too high.

Should A Swamp Cooler Be Left On All Day?

If you prefer to utilize a swamp cooler instead of a normal AC unit, it is entirely acceptable to leave it on all day. It is crucial to remember that in order to maintain the appliance working, you might need to refill the water reservoir. The size and type of your swamp cooler will determine how much and how frequently you’ll need to refill the water.

When Does A Swamp Cooler Stop Functioning Due To Humidity?

The swamp cooler will reach a functional limit when the humidity exceeds 70% to 80%, though this may vary slightly. When this occurs, the cooler won’t function as effectively, causing the room or space to become warmer.

Wrapping Up

We sincerely hope that these swamp cooler hacks will be helpful to you. Remember that the size of the unit, the ambient temperature and humidity, as well as the device’s general upkeep, all affect how efficient your evaporative cooler is. You’ll be able to find the greatest strategies to maximize your swamp cooler if you keep all of these things in mind.

13 Best Evaporative Cooler Tricks

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