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Your A/C Is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker For 5 Reasons

Your A/C Is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker For 5 Reasons

If your air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, it’s time to call a professional. There are numerous reasons for this, and each one necessitates a different approach.

If your air conditioner trips the breaker when it becomes too hot outside, for example, you may need an ac pro to come out and give your unit a tune-up.

Because they are not receiving enough electrical current from the AC circuit breaker, air conditioners might cause circuit breaker trips. There could also be a problem with the wiring in your home.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why your air conditioner can be tripping your circuit breaker. Finding the problem and entrusting your AC repair to a professional can keep your family cool and safe this summer!

1. A Clogged Air Filter

Your A/C Is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker For 5 Reasons

A dirty air filter could be to blame if your air conditioner trips the breaker when it gets too hot outside. Filters that are dirty can restrict airflow and cause air conditioners to overheat, causing a breaker to trip.

They also make it difficult for air conditioners to operate successfully in cooler temperatures, so you may discover that your air conditioner is not cooling your home as well as it once did.

Depending on how often you use your air conditioner and where you reside, air filters should be cleaned every few months (it might need more cleaning if there are many allergens or plants in your area).

Calling in an HVAC professional that knows exactly what they’re doing when dealing with electrical wiring like this is always the best option. There could be serious ramifications for both property and personal safety if someone with suitable HVAC training is not properly handled.

2. Condenser Coils Are Dirty

When your condenser coils become dusty, they are unable to transfer heat from your home to the outside unit. This can produce an electrical short in the air conditioning system, causing it to overheat.

Even when it’s turned on, the air conditioner uses more electricity to remove heat from your home, which causes a short circuit.

A buildup of dirt, dust, or plant life in your outdoor unit is the most common cause of dirty coils. Cleaning out these coils will help you avoid difficulties like these in the future!

To avoid filthy condenser coils, have your AC professional come out and do frequent tune-ups on the unit. Tune-ups are recommended at least once a year to avoid heat loss in your home during the hot summer months!

A professional AC technician will also know how often a coil should be cleaned or changed. Depending on their age and performance level, some units may only require cleaning once a year, while others may only require cleaning once a year.

3. Fan with Broken Coils

For cooling, air conditioners have fans inside called “coil” fans, which are often powered by motors outside the home. This fan circulates air over the coils to remove heat from the interior unit.

If there is a problem with these motors, whether it is due to normal wear and tear or because they were turned off during nearby construction work, this could result in higher energy consumption and cause the coil fan to burn out sooner than intended.

A faulty coil fan could be to blame if your air conditioner fan motor is tripping the breaker because it isn’t getting enough electricity from your circuit. This problem can be caused by broken or missing elements of an air conditioner, resulting in higher electrical demand and probable breaker trips.

You’ll need an HVAC professional who knows how to replace or repair air conditioning coils to remedy this issue!

4. The “Difficult to Start” Compressor

Your air conditioner’s compressor is a crucial component, and it may have difficulties starting up as it gets older. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, an HVAC professional should investigate the power flow between the fan and the circuit.

Anything longer than one second indicates a compressor problem.

If your compressor is having trouble starting, you should get professional assistance. The entire compressor may need to be replaced, and the refrigerator lines will need to be cleaned to ensure that there are no particulates in the lines that could cause future issues.

5. A/C Parts That Have Aging Wiring

Your A/C Is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker For 5 Reasons

The wiring that keeps your air conditioner working is a tangle of wires. Over time, these wires may get loose and lose their connection, causing your circuit breaker to trip.

Rewiring your circuit and maybe replacing the metal plate that houses all of your wires is how an AC professional will fix this. You may either get a new one from the ac pro or buy one separately for a fair price online!

Don’t Risk Your Money By Operating Your Air Conditioner When the Breaker is Tripped

Your A/C Is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker For 5 Reasons

What is the value of your peace of mind? Consider this: if your AC breaker keeps tripping and shuts off because there’s a problem with the system, you’re not only dealing with a hothouse on a daily basis, but you’ll be spending a lot more money when Summer returns.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself (and the environment) is to contact a competent AC repair provider as soon as possible to diagnose and resolve any problems before they become chronic.

You might be able to avoid another hot summer this year by taking care of your air conditioner now!

Your A/C Is Tripping Your Circuit Breaker For 5 Reasons

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