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My Winix Has A Blinking Red Light, Why And How To Fix It?

My Winix Has A Blinking Red Light, Why And How To Fix It?

If you own a Winix air purifier, you’ve probably seen the red blight blink incessantly at some point. Why is this light blinking, and how can you turn it off? We conducted research to provide you with information about this appliance and to answer your question.

The red light on your Winix air purifier will continuously blink to notify you that the air filter needs to be replaced. The steps below demonstrate how to replace it:

  • Take off the front panel.
  • Take out the old filter.
  • Set up the new filter.
  • Replace the front panel.
  • Restart the device.

We’ve included instructions for replacing the air filter in your Winix air purifier. Continue reading to find out how to do this. We’ve also included advice on how to get the most out of your appliance and how to troubleshoot minor issues.

How To Repair A Blinking Red Light In A Winix Air Purifier

My Winix Has A Blinking Red Light, Why And How To Fix It?

The air filter is the most important part of your air purifier. When the air filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, the air quality suffers.

When the filter needs to be replaced, the Winix air purifier will blink. When the filter has been replaced, the red blinking light should stop.

Winix air purifiers employ the following filters:

A pre-filter prevents large particles from entering your environment, such as dust, pollen, insects, hair, and fibers. It should be cleaned every 14 days.

HEPA Filters
HEPA is an abbreviation for high-efficiency particulate air. Pollen, smoke, lint, and dust mites are all blocked out by this type of filter. These filters must be replaced once a year.

Activated Carbon Filters
The carbon filter keeps smoke, chemicals, and unpleasant odors from entering your room. This filter should be replaced every three months because it absorbs pollutants quickly and becomes saturated, reducing its efficiency.

Coated De-Odorization (CD) Carbon Filter
This filter eliminates unpleasant odors such as smoke, cooking, and pet odors. Its replacement cycle is once per year.

Washable AOC Carbon Filter by Winix
The AOC Carbon filter should be cleaned every three to four months but replaced once a year. When it becomes dirty, lightly rinse it under running water and allow it to dry for 24 hours.

How To Replace An Air Purifier’s Air Filter

My Winix Has A Blinking Red Light, Why And How To Fix It?

There are several models of the Winix air purifier. The following is a description of how to replace the filters on a Winix C535 like the one shown above:

  • Pull the upper edge of the front panel out and set it aside.
  • Remove the activated carbon and HEPA filters and replace them with new ones. Place the carbon filter between the HEPA filter and the pre-filter.
  • Replace the front panel, making sure it is securely latched.
  • Turn on the air purifier and press the reset button for five seconds, followed by a beep.

Resetting Your Winix Air Purifier

Even if it is not time to change the air filter, your air purifier may blink. If this is the case, simply reset your appliance by following the steps below:

  • The reset button is marked by a drawing of a circular arrow next to the replacement filter light.
  • Push a paper clip or thin piece of wire into the tiny reset hole, being careful not to push too hard.
  • Hold down the button for five seconds. You will then hear a beep, indicating that you have successfully reset your appliance.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Purifier

Simply place your air purifier in a room and turn it on to begin using it. However, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your appliance.

Close Windows And Doors
If the doors and windows are open, purified air will flow out of the room. This does not preclude you from opening them. You can do this on a regular basis to allow fresh air in.

Replace Filters As Directed By The Manufacturer
As previously stated, the filters in an air purifier must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Change or clean your filters on a regular basis to ensure that your appliance runs efficiently.

Maintain Your Air Purifier
Keep your appliance turned on at all times to ensure continuous clean air. If you only run it for a few hours, the air quality will be good for that time only.

Orient The Airflow Toward You
If you’re using the purifier in a large room, make sure it’s positioned so that the air is flowing in your direction. That way, you can enjoy the purifier’s clean air.

Troubleshooting Your Air Purifier

My Winix Has A Blinking Red Light, Why And How To Fix It?

You may want to know how to solve minor problems that arise now that you know how to reset your air purifier if it stops working. The air purifier, like any other device, can fail.

While some problems may be too complex for you to handle, there are others that you can troubleshoot. Here are some pointers to help you troubleshoot minor issues with your air purifier:

The Air Purifier Does Not Work
If you turn on your device and it does not work, first check to see if power is being supplied. It’s possible you didn’t plug it in.

Simply plug it back in to solve the problem. Check to see if the cord or the electrical outlet is damaged. If this isn’t the case, look into the power rating of your appliance.

The power rating of your air purifier and power outlet should match for optimal performance. If there is a difference, your appliance may not function properly and may be damaged.

Poor Air Quality
It is critical to replace or clean the air filters on a regular basis. Forgetting, being too lazy, or being too busy may result in a reduction in air quality.

Insufficient Airflow
If the air coming out of your appliance is insufficient, you may have forgotten to remove the filter’s packaging before installing it. Another reason for insufficient airflow is a low fan speed. Increase the fan speed to keep breathing fresh, clean air.

Too many obstructions around your air purifier can obstruct proper air flow. The area around the device should be free of clutter.

Buttons That Are Pushed Or Touched Do Not Respond
If the filter cover is not properly positioned, your air purifier may not function properly. In this case, remove the cover and replace it according to the instructions in the manual. However, if you suspect the buttons are faulty, contact a technician to repair them.

Strange Sounds From The Air Purifier
If you hear unusual noises coming from your appliance, you should inspect it. Noises can occur when an air filter is not properly installed. If necessary, inspect the filter and properly install it. If the noise continues, you should have a technician inspect the machine.


When the red light on your air purifier blinks, it means you need to replace the air filter. Even when the air filter is clean and working properly, this light may blink. In this case, you must reset it.

You should learn how to troubleshoot minor issues in addition to resetting your appliance.

There are several ways to maximize the effectiveness of your air purifier. You’ll benefit more from this gadget if you know how to do it.

My Winix Has A Blinking Red Light, Why And How To Fix It?

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