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How To Light The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

How To Light The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

When we talk about light, we usually mean a light bulb contained within a modern device. This is not the case with your cozy wall heater, however. A pilot light is a permanently lit flame inside your wall heater that is powered by the gas line. When fuel gas enters your cozy wall heater, the pilot light ignites it, producing heat. But how do you light the pilot light on the wall heater?

To light the pilot lights on the wall heaters, a simple method can be used. Here’s how you do it.

1.) Locate your wall heater’s knob.
2.) Install the (pilot) knob you discovered.
3.) Hold down the ignition switch for 30 seconds.
4.) Select the settings and adjust the temperature to your liking.

Cozy wall heaters are designed to provide additional comfort. Because they are made of high-quality materials, these heaters can be relied on by anyone. Your pilot light is responsible for igniting your fuel source, which is how your furnace generates heat. Continue reading this article to learn more about the procedure.

Steps To Turn On A Cozy Wall Heater’s Pilot Light

How To Light The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

For lighting pilots, there is a simple instruction manual. In this section, we’ll go over the fundamental “procedures for lighting a comfortable wall heater’s pilot light.

1.) Determine The Location Of Your Wall Heater’s Knob
After thoroughly inspecting your device, locate the knob. The knob can be used to turn on the wall heater. Every cozy wall heater should have a sign explaining how to light one. However, the printing may occasionally be too small, or the heating element may be black. In these cases, the label may be difficult to read. It will be much easier if you keep the following instructions next to your furnace or in another secure and easily accessible location.

2.) Turn On The (Pilot) Knob You Discovered
The words “Pilot,” “On,” and “Off” are usually written on the switch. Set it to “pilot,” then gently lower the knob to the ignition switch. You can try again if pressing the ignition button does not start your pilot light. If the problem persists, inspect your ignition button for damage and determine the best course of action.

3.) Hold Down The Ignition Button For 30 Seconds
Hold down the ignite button until the pilot light is fully lit. Depress the ignite button for 10 to 15 seconds.

4.) Go To Settings And Adjust The Temperature To Your Liking
Examine your device’s settings. Temperature adjustments should be made with extreme caution. By pressing the corresponding button, you can adjust the temperature to your liking. Once you’ve reached the desired temperature, gradually adjust it.

Relighting A Cozy Wall Heater’s Pilot Light

If you discover that your heating system has gone out, relighting the pilot light is a quick way to turn it back on. The best place to find the manufacturer’s instructions is online. Some manufacturers print these instructions on a label that is attached to the device’s exterior.

If you can’t find them, consult the unit’s manual. If you can’t find the manual, look up the brand and model number of your wall heater and go to the manufacturer’s website to get it.

Before relighting the pilot light, make sure your heater is very low or turned off. Most cozy wall heaters use a standard method. The true pilot light must first be located, which can be difficult if it is not lit. What you’re looking for is a tiny, bent, open steel tube pointing at another steel tube.

Once again, it is best to locate all of the components using a diagram provided by the manufacturer. Once you’ve determined what the pilot light is, take the following steps:

1.) Locate a switch or knob with three settings: On, Pilot, and Off.

2.) Turn the knob all the way off. Wait a while to ensure that all of the gasses have dissipated.

3.) When you’re ready to relight it, turn the knob to (pilot).

4.) While holding the reset button, light the pilot light with a long match or lighter. The reset button is sometimes the knob you’ve been turning. After the flame ignites, hold the reset button down for a few seconds, usually 60 seconds.

5.) Remove the button and inspect the pilot light. Congratulations if it continues to burn! Attach it to the knob.

Recognizing When The Pilot Light Is Out

How can you tell if your cozy wall heater is broken because of a dead pilot light? The only option is to inspect your wall heater. Follow the instructions below to inspect your pilot light:

Turn around immediately if you detect a strong natural gas odor. Leave your house and contact your utility company to have your gas turned off. Then contact a qualified HVAC provider to inspect it.

1.) Locate the front cover panel of the wall heater. It should be a small, visible door. Start it up.

2.) Because your attention will be drawn to the small flame, you should be able to tell if the pilot light is on.

3.) If there is no visible flame, the pilot light is out.

4.) Examine the color of any flames. Blue should always be the color of pilot lights. If the burner assembly has an unusual color, it may need to be cleaned because it is rusted or dirty. For HVAC maintenance, contact a reputable company.

Why Isn’t Cozy Wall Heater Lighting?

The following circumstances may be to blame for your wall heater failing to ignite. Here are a few common defenses.

Fuel Line Issues
A broken fuel line could be causing issues with your cozy wall heater. Natural gas issues include gas leaks, clogged gas lines, and damaged gas valves. If the gas line is turned off, simply turn it back on. If, after attempting this, the device still does not ignite, consult with an HVAC expert to rule out any other potential issues. If you smell gas, leave your home immediately and contact the gas company.

Thermostat Error
For your wall heater to work, the thermostat must be set to heat. If it isn’t, your wall heater won’t light the burners. One possible problem is that the thermostat’s connections or sensors are broken.

How To Light The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

Make sure the thermostat is set to the heating setting first. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

Filter For The Wall Heater That Is Filthy
When wall heater filters aren’t changed on a regular basis, they collect dust and other debris. Filters that are clogged prevent adequate airflow from reaching the burners. On average, replace the cozy wall heater filter every few months.

The Ignitor Or Pilot Light Is not working.
Standing pilot lights on wall heaters that ignite burners occasionally lose or fade their illumination. An unkempt or scorched igniter can obstruct the ignition of electrically ignited burners. Seek professional assistance to resolve this issue.

Flame Sensor Defect
A faulty flame sensor could result in your furnace failing to ignite. The sensor is in charge of turning off the gas burners to prevent gas accumulation. When this component begins to fail, the burners may not light at all. To resolve this issue, you have two options: change the flame sensor yourself or hire an HVAC professional.

Unsanitary Gas Burners
Unclean burners will be unable to draw in the oxygen required to ignite. Contact a professional to replace, return, and clean the burners.

Turning Off The Pilot Light

How To Light The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

You can turn off the pilot light whenever you believe the environment is calm and relaxing. Even though the procedure is simple, there are some precautions you must take to avoid hazards and fuel waste.

Turning the knob to the “off” position will turn off the pilot light. Turn off the gas supply to the furnace for safety. However, take care not to turn off the gas to the rest of the house. You’ll still need it in the summer to do things like cook, heat water, and clean.


Although you shouldn’t have to light the furnace pilot light very often, you should be able to do so if necessary. If you follow the instructions for lighting a furnace, your home will quickly become warm and comfortable. Some common problems were discussed.

Whatever device you use, it will inevitably have problems. However, if you know how to deal with problems appropriately, you will not have a difficult time. Knowing how to maintain and repair a cozy wall heater will allow you to make the most of its warmth.

How To Light The Pilot Light On A Cozy Wall Heater

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