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Do UV Lights Improve The Quality of Your Indoor Air?

Do UV Lights Improve The Quality of Your Indoor Air

UV (ultraviolet) lights have been used for decades to disinfect food, water, and air in food processing plants, hospitals, water treatment facilities, schools, and commercial buildings, among other places. UV technology is also available for residential use to improve indoor air quality. Continue reading to find out how UV lights can help you breathe easier and healthier in your home.

How UV Lights Help to Improve Indoor Air Quality

UV light systems use low-level ultraviolet radiation to kill or control a variety of germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses. UV systems accomplish this by causing microorganisms’ cell structures to change, rendering them unable to reproduce.

While the sun and vegetation clean the outdoor air, many households seal up their indoor air to save energy, creating a stuffy breeding ground for harmful contaminants. A proactive approach to clean indoor air is required if you want to breathe healthy air in your home.

Installation and Upkeep of UV Lights

UV light systems are made up of one to three UV light bulbs installed inside the air ducts. UV lights should be placed near the evaporator coil. Condensate is produced in large quantities by the evaporator. Mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms thrive in moist environments with little light.

Install one UV light inside the A-frame type evaporator and two bulbs on the evaporator’s exterior tubing for the best results. The lights disinfect the airflow as it flows through the tubing. Furthermore, UV light systems protect supply ducts from contamination, which aids in the prevention of odors and re-contamination of living spaces.

It only takes an hour or two to install. People or pets will not be harmed by the lights because they are completely concealed within the air ducts. Maintenance is as simple as changing the bulbs every two or three years, which can be done while the HVAC is being serviced.

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