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Bryant vs. Grandaire: Which Is Better?

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You want an air conditioner to keep your home as comfortable as you imagine it to be while it’s hot outdoors. Your best options are Grandaire and Bryant, although it can be hard to choose between the two of them.

Fortunately for you, we’ve thought of something to help you make a decision because both brands offer their air conditioner unit with unique features.

Grandaire may be the finest choice if you’re seeking for a firm with a durable and reasonably priced air conditioner equipment. The company focuses on making products that are straightforward but nonetheless of a high caliber.

When it comes to air conditioner features, Bryant outperforms Grandaire. If you want an air conditioner with fantastic warranty offerings, Bryant is a terrific choice as well.

As important as you might assume, choosing the brand of air conditioner to install is an important decision. Continue reading as we lead you through the fundamental information about both brands of air conditioners.

Grandaire And Bryant: A Quick Overview

The best-value manufacturer of heating and cooling systems right now is Grandaire. Grandaire uses high-quality parts to construct its HVAC systems, which it then streamlines by removing unnecessary “bells and whistles.”

Grandaire is handled by Baker Distributing Company, a fully owned subsidiary of Watsco Inc. Carrier and Watsco Inc. reached an agreement in 2009 to work together to establish CARRIER Enterprise LLC.

On the other hand, Charles Bryant, who created Bryant Heating & Cooling in 1904, has continuously improved the functionality and robustness of his products.

In order to provide your home the satisfaction you desire, the company works even harder by carrying out a ton of testing and improvement.

The Caliber Of The AC Units

The quality of the unit must be taken into account while purchasing an air conditioner. Grandaire air conditioners offer admirable Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings.

This brand has also earned ENERGY STAR certification.

The business has a long-standing collaboration with Watsco Inc. Their AC units will therefore undoubtedly last. You can choose from a number of air conditioner models with SEER ratings of 13 to 16 when using Grandaire’s product.

Bryant, on the otTheir Premier Series outperforms the majority of Grandaire’s current air conditioner models since it can operate at 66 or 100 percent capacity.

Premier Series can save electricity while lowering indoor humidity levels. Additionally, the Bryant PreferredTM Series model has a SEER rating of 17, which is higher than all Grandaire models now on the market.

Important Characteristics Of Each Brand

An unusually energy-efficient air conditioner is the Grandaire WCA34. Its fan has a maximum speed of 1,100 RPM, which increases power without compromising energy economy.

Steel is used to make the external cabinet cover, and the split system register grill has an additional safety function. Furthermore, R410A, a non-polluting refrigerant, is used in every single one of their air conditioner models.her hand, is a leading innovator in the air conditioning industry.

Bryant EvolutionTM 186CNV, on the other hand, is renowned for its silent operation. It can be really upsetting when an air conditioner makes a lot of noise while operating.

This air conditioner has a 51dB sound level and is one of their noiseless models.

Furthermore, compared to their closest competitors, this model functions quietly and smoothly, with a reduction of up to 50%. The Intelligent Evolution® ConnexTM Control is another outstanding feature offered by Bryant.

For ultimate comfort, it can detect the state of your home’s inside and outside online. Learning management is supported by internal intelligence, which enables your system to perform at its best.

Grandaire And Bryant AC System BTU Sizes

In every heating or cooling system, choosing the proper unit size is crucial.

A too-small air conditioner won’t be able to sufficiently cool your house.

If you get a larger AC, you run the risk of squandering too much energy and running up your expenses.

The key to selecting the best air conditioner for your needs is to take into account the cooling effectiveness of the machine. The BTU capacity of Grandaire’s HVAC system ranges from 18,000 to 60,000.

As you might anticipate, Grandaire continues to uphold its reputation as a simple yet reliable AC unit. Bryant manufactures HVAC units with a wide range of BTU capacities, ranging from 50,000 to 120,000.

Brand-specific Air Conditioning Unit Availability

Grandaire produces straightforward, long-lasting products in keeping with its reputation. They maintain the consistency of their brand without compromising the quality of their goods.

The four primary air conditioner models from Grandaire are listed below:

  • Model WCA3
  • WCA4 model
  • Model WCA5
  • Model WCA6

In contrast, the well-known global brand Bryant provides a range of premium air conditioner solutions. Their AC devices come with a variety of features and are available in the EvolutionTM, PreferredTM, and LegacyTM Line series of models.

Some of the top AC series and models that the Bryant firm offers are as follows:

Evolution Collection

  • Models 186CNV and 189BNV.

RecommendedTM Series

  • Models 124ANS, 127A, 127T, 126SAN, 126CNA, 126B, and 126B.

HeritageTM Line Series

  • Model numbers 116B, 115SAN, 105A, 114CNC, 114C, and 113A.

Grandaire vs. Bryant: Cost

The major American States are intended for use with the Grandaire air conditioner. Their range of BTU output levels and 13–16 SEER AC units are available.

Although the company’s installation costs are a little higher than typical, it offers a wide range of products at reasonable pricing. The average price for each Grandaire model, excluding installation costs, is listed below.

  • WCA3 – $1,590 to $1,890
  • WCA4 – $1,650 to $1,950
  • WCA5 – $1,780 to $2,200
  • WCA6 – $2,180 to $2,660

Average Installation Price for Grandaire

Bryant vs. Grandaire: Which Is Better?
  • WCA3 $3,590 to $3,890
  • WCA4 $3,650 to $3,950
  • WCA5 $3,780 to $4,200
  • WCA6 $4,180 to $4,660

NOTE: Depending on your state or market, the company’s price per unit and installation cost may change.

Budget a little bit more for it because Bryant is a well-known producer of high-end air conditioning systems.

Please see the Bryant Evolution series installation and per-unit cost information below:

Bryant model 186B costs $1,682.
Bryant model 187B costs $1,838.
Bryant model 189BNV costs $2,190
Bryant model 180B costs $2499

Average Installation Price for Bryant

Bryant vs. Grandaire: Which Is Better?

Bryant model 186B costs $2,895
Bryant model 187B costs $3,222
Bryant model 189BNV costs $3,540
Bryant model 180B costs $4,225

NOTE: Depending on your local market, these average costs could vary.

Bryant vs. Grandaire: Lifespan

Being aware that Grandaire produces long-lasting air conditioning systems. Since the exterior unit’s shell is made of steel, their air conditioner is robust.

The Grandaire AC system should last 15 to 20 years.

On the other hand, if you continuously maintain the condition of your Bryant air conditioner. With routine maintenance, its lifespan can be predicted at 15 years.

Maintenance Of Air Conditioning Systems

Bryant vs. Grandaire: Which Is Better?

The vast majority of air conditioner issues are the result of negligence. Regardless of the manufacturer of your air conditioner, frequent maintenance is essential for it to function properly.

Clean it every month or two, much like the air filter.
Your Grandaire air conditioners will unquestionably require proper maintenance over time.

Additionally, by performing routine maintenance, you can avoid the problems with the following AC components.

  • The motor being damaged
  • Inadequate cooling efficiency
  • Damaged coils
  • Compression problems

Every three months, Bryant air filters need to be maintained. They claim that if you want to reduce your annual utility costs, you should install a thermostat.

Additionally, they advise servicing your system twice a year to maintain efficiency.

Grandaire And Bryant Air Conditioners’ Warranties

The warranty offer from Grandaire is pretty unique and constantly promotes simplicity.

The warranties cover things like:

  • Replacement Grandaire product with a 1-year advantage.
  • A limited warranty of 10 years that only covers parts.
  • There is a ten-year maximum warranty on the compressor.

However, Bryant will additionally extend a fantastic warranty offer to you:

  • If you register your device within 90 days of purchase, you’ll be eligible for a standard 10-year components guarantee.
  • Your guarantee will expire if you don’t register during the allotted application period, which is only good for five years.
  • Be prepared to spend $100 to $1,000 on labor and repairs in addition to your normal warranty.

Which AC Brand Is The Most Dependable?

When making an HVAC purchase, always go with the most known and dependable manufacturers.

Apart from Grandaire and Bryant, the following list of vendors reflects the most reliable ones:

  • American Standard
  • Amana
  • Lennox
  • Frigidaire
  • Rheem
  • Coleman
  • Heil
  • Trane
  • York
  • Carrier

To Sum Up

It may cost more than you think to install a new air conditioner. The comfort and quality of the indoor air in your entire home will depend on your decision.

Bryant vs. Grandaire: Which Is Better?

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